How to remove fat from the sides and abdomen man: a set of exercises (video)

How to remove fat from the sides and belly of a man (video)It Should be understood that quickly and easily get rid of the hated fat on the sides must not. All adequate techniques that guarantee a lasting effect will not give instant results. Therefore, please be patient and act based on competent ideas about how to remove the sides of the man. Exercises, videos, photos that you will find in our article will help you to cope perfectly!

How to remove the sides on the back of a man: video tutorial, recommendations

To get rid of excess weight in the abdominal area, first of all you need to clean the intestines. Drink enough water per day (2 liters), drink kefir, yogurt, watch the chair. Start the morning with a glass of clean water. Include in your diet those products that significantly improve peristalsis. This:

  • citrus fruits;
  • tomatoes;
  • pears;
  • cucumbers.

How to remove fat from the sides and belly of a man (video)
Do not avoid physical activities that are so necessary. Among the most effective are several. Our tips will help you find the answer to the question: how to remove the sides on the back of a man. The video tutorial presented in the article will demonstrate the effective exercises.

  • torso Twisting on fitball gives excellent results. Lean your lower back on the ball, rise jerks up. Do what is called "to failure".
  • Lie flat on your side and lift your torso up. Lock in this position. Breathe evenly.
  • Carry out turns in different directions. You can connect weights, neck from the rod, etc.

How to remove fat from the sides and belly of a man (video)

How to remove fat from sides in home man (video)

If you do not know how to remove fat from the sides and abdomen of a man, the video that you will find in the article will show you how to perform effective exercises. Remember also that one of the most high-quality exercises to deal with extra inches on the stomach are exercises on the press. It is with the "press" is to start the fight with fat on the sides, stomach. Usually, when twisting the torso, we take a lying position, bend the legs, hands hold on the back of the head. The elbows should "look" straight, chin pointed toward the ceiling. Raise your torso as high as possible and watch your breath. When leaving, do not lie on your back completely. Do not relax too much and make long pauses between sets, because it distracts and has a negative impact on training. During exercise, follow the breathing, heart rate. Be attentive to your condition.

Remove fat from sides of man in gym (video)

  • Tilting to the sides with weighting is a very effective exercise that will help get rid of fat folds on the sides.
  • it is Also necessary to carry out the lifting of the body from the position of "lying" with bent straight legs, using twisting with bent knees. Thus, you can perfectly pump oblique muscles.
  • a Great option – rotation of the trunk on the sides parallel to the floor with the Griffon for back.
  • Press the barbell from the standing position with the legs apart is carried out together with slow squats.
  • you Can hang on the crossbar with your legs pressed to your stomach. It is also necessary to carry out torso turns in different directions. Works back and oblique abdominal muscles.

All exercises should be carried out regularly, two or three times a week, several approaches with a load of a certain number of times, which is optimal specifically for you. Do not need to do something through the force, if you can not, then stop, pause. It is very important to follow the rhythm of breathing, do not stray, it should be smooth.

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