How to remove cellulite on legs is an effective way to reduce the volume of the body

a Very common cellulite problem occurs most often in women. It can be formed in many parts of the body, but affects mainly the abdomen, legs, buttocks. The skin in these places is similar to orange peel due to the uneven distribution of fat under the skin. Subcutaneous fat layer in the normal state 5-6 mm thick, and with the appearance of cellulite increases to 10-60 mm.
To remove cellulite on legs need a comprehensive approach: diet, exercise, massage and other means. This deficiency occurs due to disorders of muscle tone and blood circulation. This is facilitated by a sedentary lifestyle, age-related changes, heredity, overeating, hormonal disorders and other factors.

Cellulite is common not only in obese women, but also in thin. Its appearance is possible in girls in adolescence in the formation of the figure, in women after pregnancy and with age, when the skin loses its restoring properties, metabolic processes slow down.

How to remove cellulite on feet?

You will First need to determine the stage of cellulite, there are only four. The first two can be removed independently, but the third and fourth require medical intervention and sometimes even surgery. The first two forms are easy to eliminate and even prevent, if you follow the basic rules of how to remove cellulite on the legs and other parts of the body.

Correct mode foods.

The Principles of healthy nutrition are known to all, but some ignore them because it is difficult to overcome their habits. To combat cellulite, it is necessary to choose products, the use of which prevents the formation of fat deposits, edema.
When choosing a diet, it is advisable to consult a nutritionist. Healthy, balanced diet: fruits and vegetables, natural, easily digestible foods, fish, lean beef, chicken, dairy and other products – will help to quickly remove cellulite from the feet. Of course, additional massage treatments and exercise are needed.

Massage literally displaces fat from the body.

At Home you can do massage by yourself. Massage is by hand or with the help of a well-heated massager skin using warming essential oils. Anti-cellulite creams perfectly help to cure cellulite, and at the initial stage of the disease anti-cellulite pantyhose help. There are many more ways than to remove cellulite on your feet. For example, water aerobics is very effective.

Regular exercise.

To maintain good body tone and improve blood circulation they absolutely necessary. Good help running and long walks on foot, but there are also specially designed sets of exercises that you can see: remove cellulite on the legs of the video. It depends on you how effective the result will be. The load must be distributed evenly, so as not to overwork the body.

How to remove cellulite from legs: exercises

To eliminate cellulite on the legs, exercises are performed that involve leading, diverting, quadriceps muscles, hamstrings, buttocks: jumping, squats, various racks, etc. To remove cellulite from the legs, exercises can be done even the most simple, do not require special conditions, but very effective:

  1. Jumping rope.
  2. Becoming its back to the wall, start Crouch until position as if "sitting on chair." Then slowly climb up.
  3. Lying in bed or on the floor, lean your feet against the wall vertically for 10 minutes to relieve swelling and improve blood circulation.

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