How to remove belly after cesarean: diet, exercise

How to remove belly after cesarean: diet, exercise

If you have a caesarean section, do not think that your stomach is spoiled for the rest of your life. Today it is absolutely not so, firstly, due to the fact that the seam is now done neatly in the lower abdomen, and not in the middle, as it was before. Well, and, secondly, there are quite a lot of tools to help fight stretched skin and weakened muscles.

Diet after caesarean

Of Course, immediately after surgery, doctors strictly prohibit any load, so that about the swing of the press and fitness in General is better not to remember, it is possible only after 6 months. The first thing you can do on the way to a beautiful belly is to follow a diet. The diet after caesarean must be agreed with the doctor. The first days after the operation, the food is under the supervision of a doctor: on the first day you can only drink water, and in the second and third – eat food that is easily digested. In the future, you can back to normal diet. It is very important not to starve, because the quality of milk you feed your child depends on your nutrition.

Diet after cesarean section should combine the postoperative menu and menu nursing mom. For in order for the stomach to go, you should exclude from your diet sweet, flour, fat, fried. This will have a beneficial effect on the quality of milk, and will help to avoid diathesis in the baby.

But the right nutrition – this not the only a means, helps restore open. Remove belly after cesarean section help:

  • Postpartum bandage. It must be worn after surgery, it helps to tighten the muscles and keep beautiful seam.
  • Beauty treatments. A variety of scrubs, moisturizers, lotions help to saturate the skin with moisture and raise its tone.

Abdominal Exercises after cesarean section

Thinking about how to remove the stomach after cesarean, you should not perform heavy exercises, but the lungs can be done already 2 months after the operation (necessarily after consultation with the doctor):

  • Retraction of the abdomen. This is a great exercise, which you can start to do a month after birth. It is convenient because it can be performed absolutely everywhere, and the effect will be noticeable very soon.
  • Slopes. When the swing of the press still gives discomfort, you can make slopes in different directions. This will strengthen not only the abdominal muscles, but also the waist.
  • Exercise bike lessons. Start with 10 minutes a day, gradually increasing the time, if there is no discomfort.

By after six months after cesarean, you can start active exercises that will help to finally tighten the abdominal muscles and return you to your original form.

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