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How to reduce appetiteOne of the hardest moments in any diet is how to reduce the appetite that occurs often not from hunger, but simply because they saw something, worried about someone or something, just sat down to watch your favorite TV series.

One of recipes, which helps to overcome the appetite of many – ten minutes before eating to perform simple physical exercises. This approach makes sense if appetite caused not physiological hunger, and trumps emotion physical activity will relieve stress perfectly.

If we turn to nature, there followed the stress of the animal should always be "physical exercise": they are fleeing from the pursuer, or come to grips. This helps to expend the stress hormones that have entered the body after fright or rage. Follow the example of animals, we can not fully, not decently in the civilized world to fight and bite, so relieve stress with food: ate tightly and calmed down. But instead you need physical activity: running, fitness, aerobics, any exercise - all this, first, it distracts from thoughts about food and, secondly, relieves stress.

Real hunger, physiological, physical exercises not damp. Well, if the feeling of hunger is great, then there is not up to exercise. In this case, in order not to pounce on food and avoid overeating, it is better to arrange small snack from eating, for example, a piece of fruit or a slice of cheese. This will help reduce hunger.

How to reduce appetite: use psychological techniques

Why are some women in constant search of methods and ways to get rid of excess weight? And prevents them all the same appetite, which not ordinarily "training and breeding." How to reduce appetite?

First, clearly imagine why you need to lose weight. Breakdowns with diets can occur and from lack of proper motivation (motivation for weight loss).

Second, throwing from one diets to another, from one way to another says you believe in them as a panacea, as a miracle in which children believe. You completely trust your health and appearance forum friends or newfangled nutritionist, you believe them more than yourself, and the results, sometimes, no. Do not forget to listen to yourself, to your feelings. Only if you love your body, it will stop fighting with you and the extra pounds will go away. Choose your new food consciously and it will be easier for you observe.

Treat proven and new methods and means of reducing appetite with a degree of distrust. This can be compared to how you choose a dish in a restaurant before you eat it. If you instead choose alone, decide to consult with someone, you should be ready that you choose, for example, milk soup, which you always do not love. And in cases with the choice of method of weight loss, some take the first dish, the same milk soup and trying to eat him.

The Result will be quite different if you first look at a few different dishes on the table, and then ask those who have already tried how good they are. Yes, and here the food may not taste good, but it was your conscious choice.

And ways to lose weight: choose the ones that suit you, try. And only if you do not feel much discomfort, you can follow this method to the end, and you are sure to reach your result.

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