How to pump your neck at home: a set of exercises

How to pump your neck at home

Many men, dealing with sports, strive to pump a neck. To do this, there are special exercises that can be performed without visiting the gym. How to pump the neck at home? The answer to this question is known to every athlete who is not the first day in the sport. Beginners will also have to read the detailed instructions of training, as well as photos and video lessons.

Whether it is Necessary to swing the neck?

Before you find out, how to pump your neck at home, you should understand why it is necessary at all. As a rule, nobody does it purposefully. Usually, the pumping of the neck muscles is an additional element in the complex of exercises.

Strong pumped neck not only makes the appearance of a man more attractive, but also protects his spine, which is easy to damage during training. As a rule, special attention is paid to this fighters.

How to pump your neck at home

On article! the Cervical spine is one of the most fragile places of the spine. If it is damaged, there may be various negative consequences.


Exercises which help to pump up muscles of a neck, it is possible to carry out not to all. There are a number of contraindications for such training. Serious consequences threaten exercises to work out the muscles of the neck when cervical osteochondrosis. The disease can be complicated by additional symptoms.

It is Forbidden to swing the neck in instability of the vertebrae of the cervical. In this case, all exercises with weights are contraindicated.

In addition, it is undesirable to train the muscles of the neck under the following conditions:

  • tachycardia;
  • hypertension;
  • diseases of infectious nature;
  • diseases in the stage exacerbations.

If discomfort or pain occurs during exercise, the training should be stopped and resumed after improvement. If you have unpleasant and painful feelings, you should contact your doctor again.

Warm Up

Before performing exercises to work out the muscles of the neck, it is necessary to devote some time to warm-up. It will help to prepare the ligaments and joints for the upcoming loads, which will allow avoid possible injuries.

Warm-up is quite simple:

  1. Rotate head clockwise and counterclockwise. It is desirable to perform two sets of 20 repetitions each.
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  3. Tilt your head back and forth. Enough to do 10 repetitions in each direction.
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  5. Tilt your head to the sides. The movements are smooth, not sharp, but you should try achieve maximum amplitude. Enough to make 10 bends to each side.

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Warm-Up helps to stretch neck muscles, make them more elastic.

A set of exercises to pump the neck of the house

Exercises to work out the muscles of the neck allow you to pump up the muscles and bring it into tone in a fairly short time. Training will not take much time, and if you spend them daily, the result it will be visible even faster. Exercises are so simple that they can be performed at home. This does not require sports equipment and simulators.

Exercise 1: rolls supine

Rifts are simple, but at the same time, effective exercises that help to quickly pump the neck at home. To perform them, you need the following:

  1. Take starting position: lying on back.
  2. Raise the pelvis to an angle of about 30 degrees.
  3. Make head movements longitudinally without using hands. Reaching the bottom point, the blades touch the surface. Being at the top, the forehead part of the head touches the surface.

On article! If the exercise causes discomfort, which often occurs in beginners, you can to perform movements in a small amplitude. As for professionals, many of them at the top touch the tip of the nose to the floor surface or Mat.

Rifts help to pump the muscles of the back of the neck.

Exercise 2: rolls prone

Another way to carry rifts for strengthen neck:

  1. Take starting position: lying on the stomach.
  2. Perform head-forward and head-back roll movements. On the floor or the Mat slides parietal part of the head, chin and nose. My hands rested palms, contributing to maintaining the balance of the body, or are in the air. Elbows on either side.

the shoals lying on her stomach

In this and the previous exercise in the complex, flooding the neck is fast and simple.

Exercise 3: overcoming resistance

According to experienced athletes, this exercise acts as a preparatory. It is necessary to prepare the neck muscles to higher loads.

To perform the exercise, you need the following:

  1. Take starting position: standing or sitting.
  2. Putting palms on the forehead, start to press them a little on the head. It, in turn, remains without movement. The load is placed on the neck, it overcomes the resistance alone.

exercise overcoming resistance

Due to the tension of the neck muscles, it becomes stronger.

The Next exercise has a similar effect and is performed almost the same as the previous one. It differs only in the location of the hands. Hands pressed alternately, then the right, that's left. Neck muscles strain against the resistance.

exercise overcoming resistance

It is Recommended to do 2 sets of 30 repetitions. If you do the exercise correctly, upon its completion, you can feel the fatigue in the muscles. This is especially true of beginners.

Exercise 3: working with your own weight

Such exercises are often used in the training of wrestlers. Training consists in the following:

  1. Spread your legs at a distance of double shoulder width.
  2. Put your head on the floor.
  3. Roll the head in different directions, making movements back and forth, and then right and left, but not in a circle.

working with own weight

It is Desirable to make 20 repetitions in one direction.

On article! If the first step to perform such an exercise is possible with difficulty, beginners can to help yourself, supporting your head with your hands. However, experienced athletes are not supposed to do that. They need to remove his hands behind his back to the entire load, not only the main, went to the neck muscles.

Exercise 4: rolling your head off the bridge

When certain successes are achieved, it is necessary to complicate the task. To do this, turn over on your back, stand on the bridge and do an exercise similar to the previous one, from this positions:

  1. Get on the bridge.
  2. Put your head on the floor, chin looking up. Hands folded on the chest.
  3. Do rifts on my side.

head rolls from the bridge

Exercise 5: working with additional load

When the basic exercises that help a man to pump his neck are mastered, you can complicate the task by using the load. This will make the training more effective and, accordingly, exhausting. Beginners should not engage in strengthening the neck with a load, because their muscles are not yet ready for such loads and can be damaged.

To complete the exercise will need a special strap that must be worn on the head. It is necessary in order to fix the load.

On article! When choosing a strap, it is important to pay attention to the fact that when pulling from it to the floor surface remained a distance of about 30 cm.

To build the neck this way, should:

  1. Get up or sit down and put your hands on your knees.
  2. head Down to the freight needs to get to the floor.
  3. When the load has dropped to the floor without stopping, it should be lifted slowly.

the exercise with extra load

It is Necessary to make 2 sets of 15 repetitions to to pump up the neck.

On article! a Similar exercise can be performed by changing the position of the body. Allowed two more options: on the bench, lying on his side or on his stomach. In the first case, the load is on the side, in the second – on the trapezius muscle.

Video: how to pump the neck of a man at home

Exercises to work out the muscles of the neck are effective if performed regularly. Pain in the muscles after a workout – it is normal, especially for beginners. However, it should not be confused with the States, the appearance of which classes need to stop immediately. For example, training should be avoided when darkening in the eyes, dizziness, sharp pain during movement.

The Following selection of videos will help to quickly and effectively pump the neck of a man at home.

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