How to pump up the ass and get rid of cellulite in just 14 days

All women dream of a strong priest without cellulite and only a few are willing to work on their own imperfections, thinking that it takes a lot of time and involves large cash costs.

However, a detailed program of activities, including exercises, wraps and water treatments, helps to achieve a beautiful priests in just 14 days at home conditions!

Plan training facilities on 14 days

Squats take the leading place in the ranking exercises to create beautiful priests. Follow this training plan and in 14 days your the buttocks will be hard as nuts! However, on certain days it is necessary to arrange a rest from the loads to the muscles recovered.

Important! To warm up the muscles and avoid injury, be sure to perform a small warm-up before training.

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Day #1 and day #2

Make 3 sets of 25 squats'.

Day #3

  • the first approach – 27 squats;
  • the second and the third approach – on 24 squat.

Day #4

Take a day off from training.

Day #5 and day #6

  • the first and the second approach – on 29 squats;
  • the third approach – on 28 squats.

Day №7

  • the first approach – 34 squat;
  • the second and the third approach – on 32 squat.

Day #8

Take a day off from training.

Day #9 and day #10

  • the first and the second approach – on 35 squats;
  • the third approach – on 33 squat.
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Day #11

  • the first approach – 42 squat;
  • the second and the third approach – on 37 squats;
  • the fourth approach – 33 squat.

Day #12

Take a day off from training.

Day 13 and day №14

  • the first approach – 45 squats;
  • the second approach and the third approach – on 38 squats;
  • fourth approach – 34 squats.

Anti-Cellulite wraps

Sometimes even regular exercise does not help to get rid of cellulite, which makes the body unsightly. Successfully solve the problem will help wraps against "orange crusts."

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There are many recipes for the wrap mixture. Consider the most effective of them:

• heat 2 tablespoons almond oil (it should not be too hot). Then add a few drops of grapefruit essential oil.
• Add ½ tablespoon of cinnamon to 50 g of melted chocolate. Then add some milk to the result was a mass resembling the consistency of sour cream.
• Melt half a Cup of natural honey and add mustard, sea salt or some milk.

Apply the Prepared mixture to the problem area (the skin should be steamed), wrap with cling film and wear warm pajamas or a Bathrobe. Wait 30-40 minutes and rinse the mass with warm water.

The Positive effect of the procedure is noticeable after the first time. However, for a pronounced effect do wraps 2-3 times a week.

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Important! You it is unlikely to get rid of cellulite if you allow yourself a large amount of fatty, sweet and salty food. In the fight for smooth skin it is important to adhere to principles of proper nutrition.

Contrast shower

Contrast shower is the alternation of moderately cold and tolerable hot water, the jets of which are directed to the problem zones.

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Intervals should be half a minute, and the total duration of the procedure is 5-6 minutes. To finish a cold shower need cold water. Perform this procedure every day.

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Note! Get rid of cellulite also help hot baths with useful additives. They bear not only benefit, but also enormous pleasure.

As you can see, to achieve a strong priests without cellulite, it is not necessary to spend money on a gym membership and expensive salon treatments. Show a little perseverance, and your ass will be the subject of your pride!

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