How to pump a Brazilian ass at home: a selection of tips

Nice butt – a subject of pride of any woman. But what if nature has not endowed you with an excellent shape of the buttocks or over the years they have lost their elasticity?

Most Importantly, do not despair! We collected valuable advice from forums from women who know exactly how to pump up the ass, as they once managed to do it!

5 valuable tips forums

Some women may boast of the nature of rounded and convex buttocks, but most genetically laid quite different forms... But to pump "Brazilian" ass can be independently at home, if you use the advice of women who managed it!

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1. Most women say that the most effective of all exercises for the gluteal muscles are squats. However, the girls instead of the classic sit-UPS to perform better squats plie, as the first is too much rocking of the feet. Supplement their training can be attacks and a variety of swings.

2. If you regularly perform exercises, and there is no result, then most likely you feel sorry for yourself or incorrectly distribute the load. For example, stop training, feeling tired in the hips and knees. However, the buttocks do not have the necessary load. The result of quality training should be a feeling of tension and tone in the gluteal muscles (but not pain)! You should remember about 6 things ?, which reduce the effectiveness of any trainings.

3. Over time, the load should increase and make the variety, as muscles adapt quickly. If from daily carry 50 sit-UPS for couple of weeks your buttocks slightly tightened, this not means, that through six months such training facilities you have will pop, as have Kim Kardashian.

Note! ☝ To diversify your workouts you can simple and interesting exercises for beautiful relief buttocks. ? ? ?

4. it is Better to refuse use of the Elevator and walking the stairs, as well as pumps glutes. When raising the foot to the step, you need to keep a right angle in the knee and make a conscious emphasis on the back of the thigh.

5. Even a properly made and a variety of exercise not achieve the desired result, if, after, you reward yourself a cake or Coca-Cola. To grow muscles, not fat tissue and cellulite, it is necessary to abandon simple carbohydrates and consume a sufficient amount of high-quality protein products (Turkey, dietary varieties of fish, nuts, etc.). Supplement your diet can protein shakes. ?

Use these tips, do not deviate from your goal and soon your ass will get a beautiful shape!

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