How to massage a newborn and a baby

How to massage a newborn and a baby

Relaxing massage for infants should be carried out every day, starting from the first weeks of life. This is not only an important therapeutic procedure, but also a way to strengthen the emotional connection between the parents and the baby. Properly done warm-up creates favorable conditions for the development of the child, so children's doctors recommend regular rubbing with baby milk after the first month of life baby.

How to massage a newborn

Massage for a baby, the video of which is available on the website, can be carried out with medical or preventive purpose. Despite the fact that there are intermediate versions of the exercises, it is advisable to read the description below the training video to have an idea of what the purpose of the procedure shown. Rubbing performed by a specialist has a positive effect in the treatment of diseases such as:

  • hypotonus;
  • hypertonicity;
  • congenital muscular torticollis;
  • asymmetry of muscle tone of the trunk and limbs;
  • hip dysplasia;
  • congenital dislocation of joints;
  • congenital and acquired clubfoot;
  • umbilical hernia;
  • diseases of the Central nervous system.

How to massage a newborn and a baby

While the baby's skeleton is in the formation stage and the muscles have not yet acquired the desired tone, the baby massage shown in the video can correct the position of the bones and joints, train the muscles and increase the child's resistance to diseases.

This procedure stimulates blood circulation, adjusts the cardiovascular system, corrects bone defects. In order to prevent breast massage is carried out to stimulate motor activity. Massage to strengthen the muscles of the neck for babies in the video helps the child quickly learn how to roll over on his stomach, crawl, sit down, get up in bed and walk. Obvious benefits for the gastrointestinal tract. Rubbing stimulates appetite, relieves intestinal colic, improves metabolism.

How to massage a newborn and a baby

This procedure has a positive effect on the immune system, so parents should know how to massage a newborn. You can learn this from experts or with the help of a special video.

Massage for toned legs in a child: video lessons

Such a problem as increased tone in a child occurs when he tries to get to his feet. It manifests itself as standing (and later - walking) on socks. In such cases, neurologists are recommended to stretch their legs and to wear his orthopedic shoes. However, if you can not find a good massage therapist, you can try to knead your feet yourself. This will require baby oil or cream. It is important that you see how to massage a newborn. Therefore, you need to find a good video or a person who would control the process.

How to massage a newborn and a baby

In this procedure, the leg is fixed by the heel, ironed and rubbed with the palm. Fingers are stroked each separately from the tip to the joint, and warm up all together. You can knock the edge of the palm foot and the arch of the foot to stretch the thumb. This operation should last 10-15 minutes for 10 days.

How to do breast massage the newborn

Kneading of the breast is carried out by gentle stroking movements from top to bottom or clockwise. To complement this procedure, you can RUB the handles, legs and neck. Look at the segmental massage in the video: you need to pay attention not only to the problem areas of the body, but also to the entire body.

C to conduct such a massage you need to prepare: air, and then heat the room, remove the jewelry from the hands and file the nails, so as not to damage the thin skin of the child, apply the cream on the hands, and then only start the procedure.

If you want to know how to massage newborns, the video will help in this, but it is better to consult a qualified doctor: let him tell you where you can draw knowledge in this area.

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