How to make yourself lose weight: effective ways

Many people need strong motivation to make themselves lose weight. For those who really need to lose weight, this is a real problem. After all, excess body weight brings a lot of trouble, starting with complexes and ending with various diseases. Therefore, full people are well aware that you need to fight overweight, but not everyone knows exactly where to start, how to take the will in a fist and make yourself "not to eat" and lose weight.  It is the motivation and proper psychology of weight loss helps to enter into an active struggle with body fat.

Psychology of weight loss: how to find a strong motivation for weight loss

Leading psychologists give the following advice to all those who want to force themselves to eat less and lose weight at home:

Reconsider own attitude to the problem

No need to force yourself to lose weight. It is better, on the contrary, to enjoy the process. To eliminate stress for the body, it is recommended to move to all new gradually.

To determine the exact cause for

You Need to ask yourself: why do you need to lose weight? If all efforts for the sake of a beautiful figure, it is better to stop immediately. After all, every person is beautiful in his own way, and the concept of the ideal is relative. With such motivation to get rid of extra pounds will be hard. If you need to lose weight to improve health, this desire is quite justified.

To choose the Right way to lose weight

There are many options for getting rid of excess weight: exercise, diet, massage, etc. It is important to choose the most appropriate way, because the only way to get to enjoy the process, and not force yourself.

Replace old habits with new

It is Necessary to eliminate bad habits and introduce useful ones. For example, instead of fatty dishes, eat vegetables or boiled fillets for dinner Pisces. Motivation is a morning weighing, if the scale will show a minus of 250 g.


It is Important to share your own feelings with family and friends. Perhaps we can find someone with similar problems. Losing weight together is always more interesting than alone.

On article! Today, there are many forums online that bring together people with the same interests. There they share with each other problems as well as their own achievements. This is the incentive.

To psychologically force myself not to eat and lose weight, you need to find the right motivation:

      • wallpapering the fridge with posters with appropriate phrases like "a Good appetite – the body of cellulite", etc.;
      • photo full people unambiguously will force to lose weight, and images of beautiful slender models will only strengthen this desire;
      • visit a nutritionist – talk about the dangers of excessive body weight will help to keep yourself in hand, in addition, the specialist will individually develop a scheme that will allow you to lose weight;
      • visualization of desires – it is enough to imagine how life will change after weight loss to start moving towards your goal;
      • building plans – not necessarily fixate on weight loss, you need to set yourself and other goals (for example, to walk on work), which will help to achieve results.

Some enough watch the film, to force the brain to lose weight. For example, about how a fat girl, after losing weight, completely changed her life for the better. A guy can show it to his girlfriend or wife to give her an incentive and not offend. Some psychologically make lose weight book with a similar story. Each person needs to find their own motivation, which will push for decisive action.

How to force yourself to eat right to lose weight at home?

The Main thing in the process of weight loss is proper nutrition. Without it, it is almost impossible to achieve results. Any nutritionist will tell you that in order to force the body to lose weight, a person need to eat right. Adherents of healthy food joke that proper nutrition will make even a cat lose weight and dog.

Switch to a healthy diet will help the following recommendations:

      • make a list – before you go to the store for shopping, you need to make a list of useful low-calorie products that you need to buy, it is important to follow it, no matter what;

On article! Of course, sharply changing your diet is hard enough. In addition, it is a serious stress for the body. The transition to proper nutrition should be gradual. First, you need to replace one harmful product with another, then another, until the menu is completely composed exclusively of healthy ingredients.

      • consume large amounts of greens – it will not only help to lose weight, but also enrich the body with vitamins and nutrients, provide vigor and strength, well-being;
      • visit the cafe on a full stomach – if a person feels a strong sense of hunger, he will not be able to force himself to lose weight and not to break in places where everything reminds about food;
      • exclude canned food from the diet, it is better to prefer frozen products;
      • force yourself to eat little to lose weight, help drinking water before meals;

On article! If you drink water 20 minutes before eating, it will make you deceive the brain, which will be sent signals of saturation, which will help get rid of hunger and lose weight. A calorie-free liquid will take up part of stomach's. As a result, it will fit a smaller portion.

      • to abandon semi-finished products – hard force themselves to lose weight, feeding on frozen dumplings, pancakes and pies on, bought in no clothing left;
      • completely eliminate white bread from the diet – for the digestive system and the figure is much more useful loaves, rye bread and flour products from flour, bran;
      • prohibited smoked, spicy and salty dishes, fried and greasy;
      • healthy food needs to be in plain sight, and junk food it is generally desirable to remove from the house.

On article! It is not necessary to completely put a ban on harmful food. Sometimes you can afford to eat a small piece of chop or cheburek, but such impulses should be rare.

Proper nutrition will help to lose weight evenly in the face, hips, abdomen, hands and other parts of the body. Do not sit on a rigid diet, exposing your body and mind to stress. In this way, you can lose weight, but when you return to the previous diet extra pounds will return with a vengeance. If you stick to proper nutrition, you can keep in perfect shape, as well as strengthen health.

Tracking results as an effective way to motivate

From a psychological point of view, tracking positive results is a motivation that helps to lose weight and not to lower your hands in the future when moving towards your goal.

You Can keep a diary or blog on the site. The latter will help not only to be inspired by his own result, but also to become an example for other people who want to lose weight. In addition, the Internet a lot of like-minded people who can give useful advice and share secrets, cheer, if it turns out that to fight overweight is no longer strong.

Weight loss sports

Physical activity will make any person lose weight: a man after 55 years, a woman after childbirth, a teenager and a child, even if parents force him to eat. Thus, in addition to proper nutrition, it is necessary to engage in sports. Reviews thinner indicate that the usual running and Hiking, instead of riding on transport, help to bring the body in order.

If it seems that there are no forces to do sports, you should not load your body with loads. It is enough to act gradually, starting with light exercises. There is no doubt that they will also be effective. As you get used to the intensity of physical activity should increase. Instead of watching TV, it is better to spend time with friends in nature. It is much nicer and more useful.

On article! You can play sports with the whole family. It is much easier to make yourself lose weight if you go to yoga with your mother, daughter, son, boyfriend or husband.

I can't bring myself to lose weight: video with useful recommendations

So, what to do, if you really want to lose weight, and force yourself to do it is problematic enough? First of all, it is necessary to understand why it is necessary at all.

Videos with valuable psychological (and not only) tips will help you make yourself lose weight.

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