How to make your buttocks beautiful and taut

What to do if mother nature has not given you a chic shape? It turns out that every woman can successfully resist her!

Now we will discuss healthy habits, food and exercise for super-duper priests! Their integrated use will help you obtain a beautiful, toned and firm butt in no time.

Useful habits for beautiful priests

These simple rules can respect any woman, but they require constant application. Therefore never put them off until later.

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Habits for beautiful priests:

1. Walking. If you walk quickly, your buttocks will be transformed literally before your eyes. It is not necessary to Wake up at 6 am and wind circles around the house. You can just get off the tram to the bus stop earlier.

2. Static stress. You can calmly strain the buttocks standing at the bus stop, sitting in the office or even while washing dishes.

3. Climb the stairs. Lift – a great invention of mankind, but the constant travel on it prevent the gluteal muscles to work actively. Therefore, it is better to climb the stairs on foot.

Nutrition for increasing buttocks

It Turns out, there are products, which increase volume of buttocks. For a pronounced effect, they must be alternately include in your diet and combine with exercise.

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4 products for muscle gain:

1. Protein shake. This drink helps to enrich the body with protein, which is necessary for the construction of muscle tissue. In addition, protein shake helps normalize blood sugar levels in bloods.

2. Eggs. This product is one of the most useful sources of protein. Eggs are better to eat in the morning to recharge your energy for the whole day

3. Chicken. The consumption of white chicken meat is much more useful than the consumption of red, as it slags the body less.

4. Nuts. All kinds of nuts contain useful fatty acids and high-quality vegetable protein. In addition, they help to reduce the level of "bad" cholesterol in the blood.

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Note! Emit 5 types of nuts who are leaders in the fight for health, youth and beauty.

Exercises for fit buttocks

To buttocks looked fit and attractive, you need at least 3-4 times a week to do special exercises. Each exercise it is advisable to do 3 sets of 15 times.

Gluteal bridge

Lie on a Mat, bend legs at the knees and do the push on your heels.

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Lift buttocks, feeling the tension in them.

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Squats plie

Original stance – legs wider than shoulder width, toes are out, knees turned out. Go down so that the knee creates a right angle.

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Mahi with their feet

Lie Down onto his side. Leg, which is at the bottom, bend.

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Leaning on the lower leg, make a Mach with the upper leg. Making need number of Mach, turn over on the other side.

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Apply all of the above recommendations and regularly perform exercises to make your buttocks the subject of your pride!

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