How to make smoothies, recipes for weight loss: fruit, vegetable, berry smoothies

How to make smoothiesblender smoothie recipes

Smoothies are prepared in seconds, they are convenient to eat on the go, you can take to work or even replace them with any meal. These fruit or vegetable cocktails will give the body a charge of vivacity, make up for the lack of fiber, vitamins and protein. smoothie recipes (smoothie) will be useful for those who adhere to a special diet for weight loss, and just want to learn new healthy dishes.


How to make a smoothie in a blender
Smoothie recipes for weight loss and health
Fruit smoothies
Vegetable smoothies

How to make a smoothie in a blender

Smoothie recipesSmoothies, blender recipes

For the preparation of smoothies more convenient blender type food processor – with a closing bowl. To prepare a smoothie, simply put all the ingredients in a blender bowl and turn on the mixing mode for 2-3 minutes. However and blender-"pestle" you can prepare healthy and delicious cocktails, just pick up a container with high edges, and do not fill it with fruit and other ingredients more than half to avoid splashing and cooking mass heterogeneous consistency.

If you use hard fruits like pears and apples, it is better to grate them on a grater with skin. So you save and vitamins, and their own time – not all blenders are well crushed fruit peel, sometimes there are impressive pieces.

, Kiwi, persimmon and oranges must be peeled. Fruits with large seeds and it is desirable to release from the seeds.

Green smoothies with vegetables and herbs are prepared according to the scheme:

  • first grind the basic fruits, dairy products and other ingredients;
  • then add the chopped greens and grind again.

For preparation of nut milk first, soaked for a few hours nuts, then grind them together with a liquid blender, and only in the "final" introduce chopped vegetables and fruits.

Smoothie recipes for weight loss and health

Fruit smoothies

Fruit Smoothies have gained popularity for their sweet taste, aroma and high nutritional value. Prepare fruit smoothies from any fruit, adding milk, kefir, yogurt, soft cottage cheese, nuts, honey.
Fiber and sugars from smoothies are more slowly absorbed by the body than from juices, the use of which causes a rapid increase in blood sugar levels.

Banana smoothie classic
For 1 serving: 1 Cup kefir 1%, 1 large banana a pinch of cinnamon.
How to cook: first, chop the fruit in a puree, then pour the milk and mix well. Sprinkle cinnamon.

Smoothie recipesSmoothie in blender, recipes

Banana smoothie with berries
For 1 serving: 200 g of berries, half a banana, 100 g of milk or kefir.
Recipe: first, chop the berries and banana, then add the dairy products and mix.

Watermelon smoothie
For 1 serving: 200 g of watermelon pulp, 2 tablespoons of wheat seedlings.
Pre-grind the sprouts in a coffee grinder, watermelon free from the seeds, and mix. You can make watermelon smoothies with Apple, melon or berries, mixing fruits 1 to 1, but do not add dairy products – you can get an upset stomach.

Apple smoothie
Per 1 serving: 1 Apple, grated, 2 tablespoons oatmeal, soaked in water (you can without it), 200 g of any juicy berries with a neutral or sweet taste.
Stir the ingredients. You can also add pears, plums, oranges or bananas to apples. Try to avoid combining apples with milk or kefir.

Apple-curd smoothie
On 1 serving: 200 g grated apples, 150 g soft cottage cheese.
The grated apples blend with a blender to States puree, add cottage cheese and mix well.

Recipe tropical smoothie with kiwi

  • Easy option: 200g purified kiwi,1 grated Apple, 1 orange, half banana.
  • Dense version of smushi: 200 g kiwi, 1 banana, 140 g almond milk
    To prepare almond milk, soak 30 g of almonds in a glass of water. Let the nuts stand for 4 hours, then drain about a third of the water, and the mass grind the blender.

Vegetable smoothies

Vegetable smoothies are a great dietary replacement for vegetable salad, making them very easy. To crushed vegetables, you can add mineral water, vegetable or fruit juices, yogurt, kefir, spices (mint, tarragon, ginger).

For 1 serving – 1 tomato, 1 cucumber, 1 finely chopped sweet pepper, Basil and herbs to taste.
How to cook: cut the tomato and cucumber medium-sized pieces, chop, add pepper and Basil leaves.

Green smoothie with celery
1 grated green Apple, 200 g celery stem, diced, 100-200 g of any salad or fresh spinach.
Mix well the ingredients, you can sprinkle the finished smushi crushed pumpkin seeds.

Berry smoothies
Berries usually there are a little sour, so making berry smoothies, they add a banana, pear or persimmon to neutralize the sour taste.
On 1 serving: 200 g blueberries, 1 banana, 150 ml milk or yogurt, ingredients chop, drink slightly chilled.

Raspberry smoothie recipe
200 g raspberries chop, add 1 chopped or grated pear, mix again. To top it off, add 150 ml of natural yogurt and mix again.

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