How to make beetroot cutlets – simple recipes

When three topics are touched upon: the children's menu, the menu for those who adhere to a healthy lifestyle, and the diet menu, it is necessary to immediately recall any dishes from beets. No wonder this vegetable doctors call a vacuum cleaner for the liver. of Course, you can remember a lot of meals, which includes beets in different forms. Today we are interested in only one thing – cutlets from beets, or rather, how to make beet cutlets.

Need to tribute to cooks who today offer a huge variety of beet cutlets with various fillers. In this article we would like to tell you about recipes where semolina and cottage cheese are present. Why – you ask. The fact is that these dishes are present in the diet №5P, that is, they are recommended by doctors for pancreatitis.

Beetroot cutlet recipes

Recipe #1

  • First you have a vegetable (1 kg) to cook without having to remove the skin.
  • Then clean it and grind. The method of grinding choose for yourself: blender, grater or meat grinder. Anyone will do.
  • Now obtained beet mass pour into a bowl, in which it will be brought on fire to full readiness. There is also added half a glass of milk, butter (50 g). All this is cooked for five minutes.
  • Now in a semi-dish with a small trickle of added semolina. It is very important to constantly stir the gruel so that the semolina does not form lumps.
  • Cook until ready, do not forget to interfere. So, porridge is ready, its needs to cool. Then add in the cottage cheese (150 g) and egg, don't forget to add salt.
  • Form cutlets and cook them only for a couple. To do this, use a slow cooker, although you can bake them in the oven. Such cutlets are served with sour cream. Very tasty and healthy.

Recipe #2

This recipe is virtually identical to the first. The only difference is the lack of cottage cheese. Instead, you can report soaked in milk breadcrumb. This recipe is used in cases if for some reason there is no cottage cheese in the house. In principle, the caloric content and benefits are virtually unchanged.

Recipe #3

These burgers cannot be used in pancreatitis, because of their willingness to bring hot vegetable oil. Although purely dietary properties they remain in full. But there is one small nuance in this recipe, on which the taste of the dish and the technology itself depends preparations.

So, in preparing forcemeat is actually added only the yolk. But protein is used as a breading material. How to understand? Cutlets in the form of balls or ovals are formed from the finished minced meat. Then they are lowered into the beaten egg protein, then in breadcrumbs and only then fried in a pan.

Here are some simple recipes that will decorate your table and will be a great diet dish. So use them on health.

Calorie beetroot cutlets

Many of our women are primarily interested in the question, is it possible to lose weight if the diet will be present beet cutlets? The question is serious, because with weight loss for many comes health. The answer is simple, it will depend mainly on the additional ingredients.

So recipe #1 is the most caloric – 146,63 kcal, recipe #3 – the most low-calorie. So everyone should choose for himself what recipe to use. Of course, we can say with great confidence that our lovely ladies will choose the third option, there is no doubt. But keep in mind that the difference in calories is not significant, so the advice – alternate dishes, so they do not bother you. Besides steam burgers are not all like so that you can consume and fried.

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