How to lose weight without much effort: 5 unusual ways

Overweight is a global problem of our century. Sedentary lifestyle, abuse of harmful food, constant lack of sleep and other factors lead to increased fat deposition.

Not everyone has the willpower to diet and to pace yourself exercise for weight loss. Fortunately, there are 5 unusual and interesting ways to lose weight without much effort!

1. Watching horror movies

While watching horror movies people change heart rate and breathing, and in moments of maximum stress there is a powerful production of adrenaline. All of this leads to faster metabolism and additional calories burned.

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"Shine" tops the ranking of movies for weight loss. View it helps burn about 180 calories. In second place the film "Jaws" (162 kcal), and the third - "banishing the devil" (158 kcal).

2. Aromatherapy

Aromas of certain essential oils help to suppress hunger, which contributes to weight loss. If you are experiencing bouts of "wolf" appetite in a bad mood and stress, you will help sweet smells: vanilla, rosemary and cinnamon.

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A get rid of hunger before bedtime will help essential oil of lavender or sage. If you have a habit of chewing something all the time, it is recommended to use dill or mint aromatic oil to suppress hunger.

3. Visualization

Our subconscious mind is a great helper in overcoming any problems, including the fight against excess weight. We spur his work when we imagine ourselves in a slim body. As a result, the subconscious mind is doing everything to lead us to the long-awaited weight loss.

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For Example, under the influence of subconscious processes, you can change your taste preferences, and you will want to chew carrots, not hamburger. You may also have a craving to move more or sign up for a fitness club. The main thing is to listen to your intuition and unexpected desires!

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4. Chewing food at least 40 times

Saturation Signals need time to reach the brain. Therefore, the more carefully and slowly we chew the food, the higher the chances of feeling full before overeating occurs.

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Not without Reason in the market of gadgets for slimming appeared digital fork that blinks and vibrates if a person eats too fast (brings pieces of food to your mouth at intervals of less than 10 seconds).

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5. Blue dishes

Blue is a great color when it comes to losing weight. It is proved that people who eat from plates of cold tones, eat 20-30% less.

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The Fact that the blue color reduces appetite, as subconsciously not associated with food (in nature are few blue foods). But from the plates of warm colors (yellow and red) is better to get rid of, as they kindle the appetite.

Comprehensively use these 5 ways, and soon you will notice, as moves away glee weight!

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