How to lose weight with the help of fungi: menus, reviews

How to lose weight with the help of fungi: menus, reviewsFirst of all, it should be noted that the mushrooms are extremely low-calorie – 100 g of the product contains only 20 to 40 kcal. Edible mushrooms bring to the human body a large amount of vegetable protein and iron, a little less – phosphorus and potassium. The new fashionable diet uses mushrooms for weight loss, as they are able to give a quick feeling of saturation, as a result, do not worry about hunger and extra pounds accumulate.

There are several options mushroom diets:

1. In all dishes meat and fish ingredients are replaced by mushrooms. But, as with any other diet, fried dishes are excluded. Mushrooms can be eaten boiled or stewed. In this case, come to the aid of numerous recipes of mushroom soups and salt pans. The diet of mushroom diet also includes a large number of vegetables, unsweetened fruits, herbs, juices and mashed potatoes. Adhere mushroom menu should not be longer than 2 weeks, but the weight during this time has significantly decreased.

2. This option involves the use of 400 g of mushrooms in salty form. You can prepare them in the form of a salad with a slight addition of onions and vegetable oil. A portion of 400 g is divided into 5 day receptions. It is recommended to drink green tea in the form of liquid. This diet is designed for 3-4 days, the result of which will be 5 pounds of excess weight.

For this diet fit all edible types of wild mushrooms, but if you do not understand them, you can use store-bought mushrooms and oyster mushrooms.

Many well-known drugs to get rid of excess weight work on the splitting of the formed fat cells, and the fungus tinder for weight loss is the best fit, because it is able to force the liver to secrete enzymes necessary for the breakdown of fats.

The Most common method of use: 25-30 g mushrooms pour a glass of cold water at night (7-8 hours). Then soaked mushroom finely cut, placed in a thermos and pour the liquid from soaking, warm water bring the liquid to a volume of 500 ml and insist half a day. Filter. It turns out the daily dose, which should be drunk equal parts of, before food, for 5 practices.

Do Not look for this tool yourself in the forest, you can buy a mushroom tinder for weight loss in any online store that must provide the appropriate license.

Effective novelty is milk mushroom for weight loss. It has a positive effect on the intestinal microflora, is able to remove and neutralize toxins. Useful substances present in the milk mushroom drink have the ability to transform fats are simple compounds that are naturally and freely excreted from the body.

Also, this tool is called – Tibetan mushroom for weight loss, to prepare it you need to fill a half-liter container with a glass of warm milk 200 g of leaven and cover with a cloth. After a day to strain – the miraculous drink is ready. You need to take 3 weeks then 10 days break and again 3 weeks, so the diet can last about a year until you feel satisfactory result.

Quite popular, has recently become a Reishi mushroom for weight loss, which is extremely beneficial not only for weight loss, but also for vitality, actively prevents and fights cancer and has virtually no side effects.

Drink "Kombucha" familiar to many, but not everyone knows that you can use Kombucha for weight loss. Regular use of this drink can activate metabolism, which is beneficial to the digestive tract, relieves many ailments and actively struggling with excess weight. The fungus grows and the drink will need a 3 litre bottle with water, Kombucha culture, about 7 bags of black tea, a Cup of sugar. Brew of the components of strong tea, and when cool, add Kombucha. The miracle drink will be ready in two weeks.

Any of the above mushrooms can be used only after consultation specialist's.

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