How to lose weight stars: photos of celebrities before and after weight loss

Having decided to lose weight, we often need practical advice and ordinary support. But nothing is as effective as someone's example of a stunning transformation. Seeing other people's achievements, we immediately want to put the cakes aside and join the gym.

In show business there are a lot of thinner celebrities whose photos before and after can give a charge inspiration!

Renee Zellweger

Gain extra pounds, throw them and then again to get the... Actress Renee Zellweger is living proof that willpower and motivation as enable anyone to manage their weight.

For a film about Bridget Jones star had to gain about 10 pounds that got her very easily. But to lose weight after the shooting was a difficult task.

Renee tried out a lot of money, until I realized that losing weight should be comprehensive. The actress began to train a lot, signed up for a massage therapist and went on a diet. The highlight of her diet is that any food washed down with Renee preprotein juice, which is known for its fat-burning properties. This approach has brought results: after a couple of months, the actress returned to form!

Janet Jackson

In October 2017, Janet Jackson became a mother for the first time. During the time pregnant singer strongly recovered, so soon after birth began to struggle with excess weight.

Her nutritionist developed a balanced diet of 1250 kcal per day. During the diet Janet had to forget about sweet soda, alcohol, flour products and sugar. Her diet consisted mainly of oatmeal, asparagus, dietary meat and seafood.

On the way to slim figure not go off and without sports. Five days a week for 45-60 minutes Janet trained in the gym. And she did not focus on cardio, but on strength exercises. The actress justified this by the fact that when the muscles work, the fat is actively burned not only during training, but also after it.

Charlize Theron

For filming in the film "Tully" (Tully), which premiered in 2018, the actress gained more than 20 pounds. Go back to your old weight Charlize, though failed, but it admittedly, it was extremely difficult. The process of weight loss it took about a year.

First, what did the actress on the road to losing weight - carbohydrates. More precisely, fast carbohydrates (flour products, sugar, etc.) were completely excluded from the menu, and slow - limited to a minimum. Proteins were added in twice the amount.

The diet of Charlize was dominated by products such as chicken breast, low-fat cottage cheese, mushrooms, legumes, fish. Fruits she used only sour (kiwi, lemon, grapefruit), and vegetables only green.

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Charge with motivation, persevere to your goal and delight your transformation!

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