How to lose weight quickly by 5 kg in 5 days on a beet diet

Beetroot is one of the best products for weight loss. It removes toxins, carcinogens and other harmful substances from the body, thereby accelerating metabolism. In addition, beet has a minimum caloric content, but it is well dulls hunger, which is very important in the process of weight loss.

In the classic version of the diet in the beet is very hard. However, the results are simply amazing: in 5 days you you can lose up to 5 kg of excess weight!

Diet Menu

1️ day

Breakfast: beet (raw, boiled or baked)

Lunch: grated beet with carrots (200 gr)

Dinner: low-fat boiled fish (150 gr)

For successful weight loss it is important to drink at least 1.5 liters of pure still water per day. Also from drinks unsweetened green tea and black coffee are allowed (only in the morning).

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2️ day

Breakfast: buckwheat porridge (150 gr)

Lunch: grated beet with prunes (200 gr)

Dinner: natural Greek yogurt (150 gr)

3️ day

Breakfast: beet

Lunch: beetroot on kefir (200 gr)

Dinner: baked lean meat (150 gr)

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4️⃣ day

Breakfast: oatmeal on water with dried fruits (150 gr)

Lunch: grated beet with Apple (200 gr)

Dinner: boiled or baked fish (150 gr)

5️ day

Breakfast: beet

Lunch: beetroot on kefir (200 gr)

Dinner: boiled lean meat (150 gr)

Before using this diet, be sure to consult your doctor. There are contraindications.

To achieve maximum effect, beet diet is recommended to be combined with light exercise. Even the usual morning exercises will benefit!

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