How to lose weight quickly after childbirth: Victoria Lopyreva's secrets

With the birth of his son only a few months, and the popular model and TV presenter already managed to show a perfect figure. Of course, the public, the profession obliges to be in great shape almost in the first days after birth, but still... How Victoria could so quickly recover?

Weight loss Secrets lopyrevoy

The Main secret of rapid weight loss after childbirth, according to Victoria, is a competent preparation. Even in the late stages of pregnancy, the girl tried to be active: she walked and swam a lot. Victoria also tried to drink more water, as it cleanses the body.

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A couple of weeks after the birth, Victoria said that she returned to full training in the gym. And where training, there and proper nutrition.

The Presenter says that after delivery she had to make diet some adjustments. She refused favorite "Snickers", replacing it with protein shake plant-protein - his girl is basically coconut milk.

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According to the model, she does not like fish and meat, so this cocktail helps her to fill the required amount of protein in the body.

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Leading claims that she has managed to regain its former weight, but still a lot of work to restore a beautiful body relief!

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