How to lose weight on milk – three dairy diets

Currently, the Internet is full of different diets that guarantee a quick drop of extra pounds. Some diets can be trusted, some can not. Some have been tested and have a large number of followers, some are forgiven immediately after the application of two or three days. the Question of how to lose weight on milk is not new, like the milk diet itself. Therefore, in this article I would like to understand all this and understand whether it is possible in fact lose weight on milk.

First, it is necessary to decide whether milk is useful at all. There is no doubt this product is useful for everyone from small to large. It contains a large number of different nutrients, many vitamins and mineral supplements, a high content of protein and fat, amino acids and enzymes. All these epithets apply, of course, only to natural milk from under the cow. What is sold in stores in the package should be checked and determine how useful it is. But our task deal with ordinary milk. The only thing that I would like to note immediately is the impact of dairy products on the body of people who belong to the category of "not tolerate" this product. Especially those who have this trouble has grown into an allergic disease. This article is not for them. I must say that such people around the world are not more than one percent.

So, what will help us to lose weight on milk: one glass of milk at night, or buckwheat with milk, or tea with milk? And in what quantities to eat it all? Questions many, as and themselves diets. So consider three options the dairy diet from hard to easy.

Rigid milk diet

It can get people motivated and persistent. This is a strict schedule of milk intake from 8.00 to 20.00 for 7 days. In essence it's a mono-diet based on intake of milk.

  • the First day a glass of milk is drunk every two hours.
  • Second day – every hour and a half.
  • Third day – every hour.
  • And the following every half hour.

Let's face it, very tough. The important point is that the way out of the diet should to be gradual, it is impossible to stop drinking milk immediately. For example, the next two days before lunch, drink a glass every two hours, after lunch, you can switch to light salads.

In Such a rigid way you lose up to seven kilograms of weight, and that's one week. In addition, fat deposits disappear from the abdomen, and this is the most problematic area, where the fat goes very bad. I would like to add that this diet, like all others, should be accompanied by physical activity. The effect will be significant.

Light dairy diet

Not all who are going to lose weight with milk, can withstand a week without food, only milk. Therefore, experts offer an easier option, where the milk itself is partially replaced dairy products. Here is an approximate schedule of the diet:

  • For Breakfast you can drink a glass of kefir, tea with milk or eat some yogurt.
  • in a few hours you can eat two hundred grams of cheese.
  • light salad with kefir or yogurt is allowed For lunch. You can eat cottage cheese casserole with or without fruit.
  • But for dinner only kefir, yogurt, or the milk itself. And just one glass.

What is the ease of this diet? It is possible to change food during the day. That is, it is not a mono-diet. It is also designed for a week, and you can lose 5-6 pounds.

Mixed diet on milk

It is usually used by those who do not can do without standard food, one will power a little lower. So this option quite easy, although, too, enough effective.

Cereals made with milk, salads with yogurt or kefir, fruits and vegetables are included In the diet. Drinks can be consumed compotes, jelly, juices, tea, mineral water. It is important to observe the exact amount of portions and the time between meals. So the portion should not weigh more than 200 grams, and it is necessary to eat every three hours. In fact, it is a fractional power.

These are dieting today can be offered, they answer the question of how lose weight with milk?

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