How to lose weight Nastya Kamensky: diet, photos before and after

Fans of the popular singer Nastya Kamensky noticed how much the appearance of the star has changed: coming to the stage with impressive forms, she managed to quickly lose weight and gain the figure of the model. Therefore, it is not surprising that many are interested in: how thin Nastya Kamensky? It is worth noting that, becoming three sizes smaller, the singer kept the neckline in proper shape. Thus, Nastya proved to the whole world: if you really want to, anything is possible. And this is evidenced by numerous photos of the thinner Nastya, posted on the Internet.

First attempts to lose weight

For the first Time Anastasia made an attempt to lose weight by choosing a fast diet. So she tried to freshen up before the upcoming shoot. To eat rice and water was hard enough, the singer's body did not withstand such a test for long. Exhausting hunger and exercise affected bad mood and loss of performance. As a result, Nastya returned to the usual diet, and with it came the extra pounds.

In This way the star was able to throw no more than 8 pounds, so fans didn't notice the change in her appearance. Soon she realized that excess weight returns much faster than it goes, so gave up trying to lose weight with fast diets. Nastya Kamensky changed tactics, decided to act differently.

As has lost weight Nastia Kamensky?

First of all, the singer turned to a professional for help. And it was not a nutritionist and psychologist. He established the cause of excess weight. According to him, excess weight accumulates as a result of stress and problems in personal life, which Nastya tries to eat. The specialist explained that the body feels that it is not loved, so it requires food to calm down.

After visiting a psychologist Nastya Kamensky realized that there is no need to reduce the weight fanatically, trying to get rid of the extra pounds. If diets do not give the required efficiency, it is better to leave everything as it is and not to complex. At the same time, the girl decided to change her way of life, which helped her to find the cherished forms unexpectedly for herself. She did not even notice how she achieved weight loss.

The Basic principles of weight loss Nastya Kamensky following:

  • instead of exhausting workouts in the gym hall, you need to engage regularly with moderate loads;
  • one-time diets give a temporary result, so it is better to change the usual diet and maintain proper nutrition constantly;
  • natural products should be preferred instead of harmful food;
  • it is important to drink plenty of water during the day.

Adhering to such rules, Anastasia was able to quickly achieve weight loss and found harmony.

On article! How says Nastya Kamensky, the secret of weight loss is 80% in proper nutrition and 20% in physical activity.

Proper nutrition from Nastya Kamenskikh

Every day Nastia cooks food on her own, because it is the only way to be sure of the quality of the products used. The result is a delicious and healthy dishes that are not deposited in the form of fat. According to the singer, the cooking must be no more than hour and a half. Why not allocate this time for yourself?

Important in the diet Nastya Kamenskih – mode. It is necessary to eat at the same time, regardless of employment. Otherwise, you may not get the efficiency. Between meals should not be more than 3 hours. At the same time, the portions should be small, for weight loss you need to adhere to the principle of fractional nutrition.

On the menu to include boiled meat, which is a source of protein, as well as fish. About 70% of the diet should be vegetables. They contain fiber, so improve digestion, saturate the body with vitamins and are not deposited in the form of fat.

It is Desirable to completely give up all fried, sweet, flour, fat. Also, do not overeat, because it adversely affects the digestive system. Also, if possible, you need to limit the use of salt.

On article! The famous singer advises not to buy harmful food, not to keep it at home. At Nastya in the kitchen do not find bread, sausages, candy and other products that adversely affect the figure.

Anastasia eats Breakfast daily oatmeal. To do this, she cooks it in water without adding salt and sugar. Also in the dish Nastya Kamenskikh adds a green Apple grated on a grater. Also throws a handful of almonds. It turns out a full, nutritious and healthy Breakfast, which can be used for weight loss, because it does not spoil the figure.

As for dinner, She refutes the claim that it must be not later than 18.00. She personally checked the security of late eating. Singer she has dinner around 22.00 and is not recovering. Of course, dinner should be easy. For example, 150 g of low-fat cottage cheese and a Cup of tea without adding sugar.

The Importance of weight loss sports

According to Nastya Kamensky, who quickly lost weight, it is difficult to lose weight on diets alone. It will require more physical activity. Sport will not only split the fat, but also to consolidate the result.

On article! It is worth noting that Nastya Kamensky from childhood did not like physical education lessons. However, as an adult, she realized that moderate exercise has a positive impact on health.

The habit of loading itself was pretty hard. The body quickly tired, I wanted to throw everything and calm yourself with something tasty. But she restrained herself, and as a reward received a toned body. Over time, Nastya Kamensky got used to sports training, exercises began to be performed at the level of automatism's.

The Singer has lost some weight thanks to bodyshake. This type of dance helps to strengthen the muscles of the buttocks, thighs, waist. Classes bodyshakin star alternates with swimming in the pool. Those who can not overcome themselves, Nastya recommends to identify a specific goal and go to it, without turning off the road.

Singer shares his thoughts in the moments of training: she was not thinking of a specific figure, and that. For what it seeks to change. It inspired and forced to work to achieve results. Through dedication Nastya lost.

Not so long ago, Nastya started to lead a sports blog on Instagram, where the singer reveals her secrets, talks about how she lost weight, publishes videos and photos. There the star found many supporters and has received support from fans.

Photo before and after

How much weight Nastya Kamensky, show photos before and after the reset of excess weights.

Recommendations for weight loss from Nastya Kamensky

The Singer has lost weight through dedication and willpower. Having tried diets and sports loads on himself, Nastya Kamenskikh gives recommendations to those who want to lose weight without harm to the body:

  • to make sports training useful and contribute to weight loss, beginners can not do without a professional coach who will individually select a set of exercises;
  • not to be tempted, you need to remove from the house all junk food, store in the fridge only healthy foods (vegetables, lean meats, fish, cheese, etc.);
  • starchy and sweet is also desirable to exclude completely from the diet, if you really want, you can afford to eat a couple times a week candy;
  • convenient when weight loss in advance to prepare their own food for the whole day, spread it out in disposable containers, so as not to eat more than it should;
  • eat should be strictly at one time;
  • Breakfast is the most important meal, so it should be balanced and nutritious – Nastya Kamensky Breakfast oatmeal on water without sugar and salt, due to which, in particular, and lost weight;
  • during the diet and workouts do not need to take the reference to pounds, it is best try to reduce the volume by a certain number of centimeters;
  • from drinks should prefer clean water without gas, green tea and organic juices;
  • as a sweet you can use such useful products as honey, dried fruits;
  • at night, the body must rest, therefore, strictly prohibited to overload his food;
  • no need to eat in front of the TV as it breaks digestion;
  • need to spend a lot of time outdoors.

According to Nastya Kamensky, she lost weight due to an active lifestyle. The singer believes that to get rid of extra pounds by dancing – useful I. at the same time, fun. Despite the tight schedule, the star found time for sports and proper nutrition, due to which she lost weight. The results for her fans, for sure, did not remain noticed.

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