How to lose weight in a year on 38 kg without a strict diet and sports

Looking on current photos Englishwoman Abby Cox, it is difficult to believe, that just couple of years ago she was a fat girl. Recently the girl told how she managed to lose weight on 38 kg without sports and diets!

Abby Cox weight loss Story

Excess weight Englishwoman gained during her first pregnancy because of craving for unhealthy food. It in enormous quantities were consumed sugary cereal, chips and scones, but fruits and vegetables were rare in her diet.

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At 28, Abby felt insecure and afraid to go to clothing stores - she was uncomfortable trying on size 54 clothes. But most of all the girl was upset that she could not actively spend time with her younger son.

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Of Course, Abby periodically tried to lose weight, but all the diets gave a small effect and only for a while. After the birth of her second son, the girl decided: enough. And began to lose weight differently.

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Abby gave up strict diets and began to study the principles of healthy eating. Chips, buns and sweet flakes she replaced with fruits and vegetables, which are almost not I've been eating for the last few years.

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"I do not calculate calories and do not control the amount eaten. But I guarantee that most of the food on my plate is quality protein or vegetables!", - shared Abby.

Sample menu

Breakfast: fruit salad with honey.

Lunch: chicken and pumpkin baked in oven.

Dinner: salad of vegetables and seafood.

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After Dropping the first extra pounds on proper nutrition, Abby decided to add physical activity. She did not like training in the gym, so she began to walk a lot with her children and play with them in outdoor games.

Such approach helped Abby get rid of 38 kg just for year. Now she is wearing a size 44-46 and is fully satisfied!

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