How to lose weight in a week for 3 kg without harm to health, slimming reviews

How to lose weight in a week for 3 kgthe Diet with the flower name "6 petals" will allow to lose weight on 3 kg in 1 week without harm to health. On this diet it is not necessary to starve, food is diverse, and therefore did not slow down the metabolism.

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The Author of the diet, which will help lose weight for week on 3 kg at home, is the Swedish nutritionist Anna Johansson. She developed a diet, taking into account not only the physiology but also the psychology of women.

Anna Johansson believes that any effective diet for weight loss will be ineffective if it brings woman discomfort and depression.

Recommendations on the number of products for each day of the week from losing weight:

  • 1 day: fish 300-500 gr. finished product;
  • 2 day: vegetables – 1-1.5 kg;
  • day 3: fillet meat – 500 gr.;
  • 4 day: porridge – 200 gr. dry;
  • 5 day: cottage cheese – 500 gr.;
  • 6 day: fruits -1-1.5 kg.

How much kg can you lose weight in a week, read the comments. For effective weight loss recommend to read:

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