How to lose weight forever or what prevents to keep the results of weight loss

There are many fast diets, all of them should lead (and lead most often) to one goal – to lose weight.

But such a diet you can adhere to long, and continued retention of desired weight and the perfect figure, and maybe the losing weight is possible with prolonged diets, which can be called a way of life, is, for example, "diet dinner minus", Kremlin diet or fashionable dietitian Dukan's diet. Diets at all different, but what unites them is that these diets need to to adhere to for a long time, Ah and the, that adherents of all these diets assure, that they support with the help these principles nutrition its an ideal weight.

But we are all human beings with their weaknesses and on your way to losing weight we await the obstacles. Let's see our "enemies in the face." And try cope with them.

№1. The supermarket you go to on your way home.
Looking at the variety of different semi-finished products and sweets, hand and stretches to put them in the cart.
Council. First, take a basket, not a cart, to feel the weight in your hand, so you quickly stop.
Secondly, first go to the fruit Department, remember that fruits and vegetables are your friends in getting rid of excess weight.

№2. You work late.
Unfortunately, a couple of extra hours in the office can negate all your efforts to fight overweight. Possible reasons here: stress and lack of sleep. Both often lead to overeating. And the lack of personal time does not do fitness.
Council. Short breaks will help to avoid stress. Watch when you usually go to the buffet for a snack to relieve tension and try to take this time with something pleasant, for example, chat with colleagues or download a new song from the Internet of your favorite band. If possible, arrange a break with a warm-up, get up from the table, walk, do some vigorous exercises.

№3. Snacks.
Most often we eat not because we are hungry, but to eat unpleasant emotions, tension from work, a sense of lack of energy to keep company with colleagues or home.
Council. In such cases, it is best to do a few active exercise, if possible. Either, can help tea, better green or black leaf, without sugar, perhaps with a small slice bitter chocolate, you will get a boost of energy and 0 or quite a few calories.

№4. After each evening's training, you find it necessary to recuperate with a full dinner, or worse, sweets.
Council. Of course, if you have not had lunch normally, from dinner should not refuse, but in this case it is better to eat a portion of vegetable or fruit salad, and then lean meat or fish.
If you have a good lunch and a snack shortly before training, then you can have a light and healthy snack. For example, it can be Apple or berries and some nuts (preferably not peanuts). Prepared in advance food can be folded into a small food container, and at home to drink tea without sugar, with a spoon of honey or berries. Moreover, after training muscles need vitamins and antioxidants.

№5. You have no control over how much you eat in a day.
Council. Try to write down everything you ate, and before dinner, review the list, you may want to have dinner with something less caloric.

№6 Your sports training is monotonous.
If you constantly do a limited set of exercises, your mind ceases to control their performance, and the body adapts to them, so as to perform the exercise and spend as little energy as possible.
Council. Change sometimes sets of exercises, or try to do something completely different.

№7. You prefer to wear comfortable clothes.
Typically, such clothing will also be free and comfortable to sit on you, if you add 1-2 kg.
Council. Wear periodically in the evenings or on the weekends which is really tight. Losing weight even one size, immediately update your wardrobe, and clothes that have become too big for you – throw away or give to someone.

№8. In the process of cooking you are constantly trying something or chewing.
Council. If you are hungry, put a bowl of sliced fruit or berries in front of you. You can chew gum if of course you don't gastritis.

№9. You're trying to lose weight by hiding it from everyone.
Studies show that those who inform in advance about their intention to lose weight and find support from relatives and colleagues, on average, lose 6% more excess weight.
Council. Well, if your colleagues and relatives will support you and look after you. It is best if one of them decides to lose weight with you.

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