How to lose weight for the wedding?

Often before the wedding, the bride sets a difficult task: to lose weight quickly in a short period of time. What methods can help to lose a few pounds within four to five weeks?

No secret that the question "How to lose weight for the wedding?"– many brides ask. In such a significant day in my life every girl wants to look perfect. But the love of sweets, characteristic of many representatives of the fair sex, delayed excess weight in the most inappropriate places, and the old harmony turns into an unattainable dream. And often prevents elementary laziness to regain the slim waist. However, even the "lazy" with experience decided on active action before his own wedding.

What if time is not too much? Of course, losing weight slowly is much more useful and effective, but if wedding will be held in a month, it can't be choosers. In the data even a temporary result is also a result! Moreover, in the Arsenal of an experienced "fighters" with excess weight, there are several ways quick weight loss. It is best to use these methods in combination - something will help!

Firstly, it is necessary to review the regular menu and strictly limit the use of products with high content of fat. We'll have to at least temporarily forget about cakes, sweets, fatty meat and sausage! Instead of all these delicacies – easily digestible fish and chicken.

Another limitation concerns carbohydrates – their amount also needs to be reduced. Low-carb diet is not recommended for long-term use, but in the form of "shock therapy" it is very effective. Reduction carbohydrates and, as a consequence, the loss of body fluid helps to quickly get rid of a few pounds. However, the lack of carbohydrates threatens depression and decline in strength, which is still needed in the gym. Therefore, a little oatmeal, rice and beans should still be left in your diet.

Having Dealt with the diet, it's time to do fitness and sports. The main thing that it was active classes, everything else does not matter. You can go to the gym or swimming pool, do aerobics – the end effect will be the same. Another very useful exercise is a gymnastic Hoop. Regular classes with a Hoop will forever get rid of a flabby stomach, maintaining its muscles in tone.

After hard training to relax and lose a couple of kilos will help a sauna or steam bath. Acting on the whole body, the sauna will get rid of excess weight, as well as return the skin to infant tenderness.

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