How to lose weight for a man: exercises for maximum results

The best weight loss exercises for menTo Have a thin body type is not the standard of male beauty. To gain popularity with the ladies, you need to have a toned physique and relief muscles. Exercises for weight loss for men are aimed at ensuring that the lipid tissue is simultaneously burned, and its place is occupied by a more compact and dense muscle. the Effect is achieved not only by intensive exercises.

Set of exercises for weight loss men

No training will not bring the lightning effect, so to overload yourself on the first day of classes is pointless and harmful. Complex sports exercise for men to reduce weight most often mined on 2 months on the condition that the training will be held regularly. As a result, you can lose up to 15 kg of stocking tissue and gain 3-4 kg of muscles. All of the following exercises are easy to perform and can be performed at home.

  • Performed while lying on the floor. The legs are bent at the knees and are on the chair, hands behind the head. Carry out 15 lifts of the body for 3 attempts.
  • Squats. It makes sense to do at least 50 times. In the complex you need to perform several types of squats:
  1. not lifting your entire foot from the floor;
  2. with the attack (aside foot and the maximum sit down);
  3. with dumbbells, fixing them in different positions.
  • Pushups from bench widely spaced hands. Do 15 reps (all 3 sets).
  • Twisting on the floor. The feet are on the chair. Hands behind your head. You need to lift the body and touch the right elbow of the left knees and Vice versa.

It is Important to remember that any weight loss exercises for men will not benefit if a balanced diet is not observed. Muffins, sweets and alcohol in large quantities should become taboo.
The best weight loss exercises for men

How to remove fat on the sides of men: exercises on simulators

If the strength exercises are aimed at strengthening certain groups of muscles, the cardio effect is distributed throughout the body: strengthen muscles, train the heart, give aerobic exercise, burn extra calories. These health machines include:

  • treadmill;
  • exercise bike,
  • rowing simulator;
  • elliptical simulator.

Each of them maximally affects a certain group muscle inflammation, but regular classes on them will help a man to lose weight: several exercises will burn calories, and physical work will improve state of muscle.
The best weight loss exercises for men
In addition, fat folds from the sides successfully remove the following exercises:

  • slopes on the sides with dumbbells in hands;
  • twisting the body to the knees;
  • press the barbell out of standing position or slow squats from the same position;
  • slopes with a bar vulture;
  • vis on the bar with the torso twists.

Execute exercises for belly slimming men as possible under the coach's supervision, or independently, at home or on the Playground.
The best weight loss exercises for men

Exercises to remove beer belly

A Large part of the fat boys appears on the abdomen. As a result testosterone levels drop and estrogen (female hormone) levels rise, leading to further health problems. The elimination of the problem is aggravated by a painful reaction of the body such as shortness of breath, palpitations or high blood pressure. Regular training, a gradual build-up of exercise and a healthy diet help to overcome these obstacles.
Best exercise for weight loss in the abdominal area for men to concentrate around the pressure:

  • feet bent at the knees, raised, against the wall. The trunk rises by 20-30 cm;
  • press the swing with a foot hold on weight;
  • press on the bar, when, hanging on the bar, raise straight legs;
  • press the press on the bar when the legs are just tucked under him.

All the above exercises are repeated 20-30 times for 3-4 approaches. The break between weight loss exercises for men is not should exceed 1-2 minutes.

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