How to lose weight crumpet "Comedy Woman": Ekaterina Skulkina revealed the secret of her diet

The Star of the show "Comedy Woman" began to prepare for the beach season now. On his page in Instagram, the actress said that in just a couple of weeks she managed to lose 11 kg of excess weight.

If this Catherine is not going to stop there, as she believes that her figure is still far from ideal!

Weight loss Secrets Catherine Skulkina

The actress lost Weight on the special program in Karelian clinic where earlier also the TV presenter Anfisa Chekhov Was observed. There she had to move to fundamentally new nutrition.

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The Basis of its diet consisted of vegetables and low-fat fish, vegetable broths and soups. And in the morning she ate oatmeal or buckwheat. From sweet and flour the actress had to decline, but before it seemed to her that without their favorite rolls she won't be able to live!

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The Path to harmony was not without sports training. The artist regularly performed interesting cardio and strength exercises. Additional result brought massages, wraps and shower Charcot.

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Fans praised the transformation of Catherine and filled her flattering comments. Many noted that the example of the artist inspired them to start preparing for the summer season!

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