How to lose weight by 4 kg in 4 days: the legendary diet of Lyubov Orlova

Lyubov Orlova - the first Soviet movie star, under the sign of which were 30 years. It reigned not only on the screen and in social life, but also in the heads of women.

Millions of inhabitants of the USSR had a haircut and dressed "under the eagles", but a special thrill everyone called her slim waist. There were rumors that its coverage is only 46 cm! And it's all about a special diet that not every woman can withstand. However, the actress had a strong will and the desire to look like a Queen! 

Principles of the diet Orlova

On an empty stomach in the Morning you need to drink a glass of mineral water. Then for an hour you can not eat anything at all - no water, no food. At this time, the mineral starts the metabolic processes in the body and the urinary system, which is very important for weight loss.’

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Breakfast is available in an hour. The first meal consists of two boiled eggs and a piece of rye bread. For lunch - lean meat (up to 200 g) and vegetable soup, cooked recipe Orlova.

Dinner refrain. If you feel an irresistible hunger, you are allowed to drink a glass of kefir. 

Modern nutritionists it is advised to adhere to this diet for no longer than 4 days, as it is quite extreme. It is allowed to repeat once in a month and a half.

Recipe fat-burning soup from Orlova

The people's artist cooked her famous soup like this: chopped onions, carrots and white cabbage, cooked in a pan until half-cooked, and then threw the next batch of vegetables. It consisted of broccoli, cauliflower and beans. The third batch consisted of a handful of cranberries, sauerkraut cabbage and pickled cucumber. None of the above is fried! Ready soup is served with fresh herbs.

Fat Burning soup is better not to salt, as 1 g of salt holds up to 10 g of liquid in the body and contributes to the appearance of edema.

Diet Lyubov Orlova for 4 days helps to lose up to 4 kg of excess weight. However, before you use it, you need to consult a doctor. Are contraindications. 

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