How to lose weight at home for 10 kg or more

how to lose weight at home for a weekHow to lose weight and keep losing weight results forever? This requires a balanced diet, support and advice of those who have already passed this way and those who lose weight with you.

And then lose weight at home really even if to lose weight have 10 or more pounds, and for health the doctors prohibit exercise.

    We offer a popular diet for weight loss, the author of which is a nutritionist from Sweden Anna Johansson – "6 petals".

The power System is based on the principle of monodiet alternation.
Give recommended weight loss products the norm for every day diet:

1 day: fish 300-500 g of finished product;
Day 2: vegetables – 1-1.5 kg;
Day 3: fillet meat – 500 g;
Day 4: porridge – 200 g in dry form;
Day 5: cottage cheese – 500 g;
6 day: fruits -1-1.5 kg.

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