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How to lose weight after childbirthIn response to the question: how to lose weight after childbirth, very many young mothers will sigh: "Unreal!". Really, for weight loss it is necessary to prepare special food, calories counting, follow the diet, get enough sleep, exercise. At the same time, a lot of things have been said and written about the fact that after childbirth, a natural hormonal failure occurs in a woman's body, from-for which lose weight in the first year virtually futile. We hasten to reassure you, this information is not confirmed by clinical studies, so that the usual measures to reduce weight, including diet after breast-feeding, usually work for young mothers.

How to lose weight after childbirth: preparation

Start to lose weight right after birth, right through the week after the happy event. First of all, your diet should not be based on the "dragon" principles and deprive you of a variety of tasty and healthy foods. Build a diet for weight loss offer you based on the calorie theory of nutrition.

If are usually a woman to lose weight need to adhere to a calorie obtained by the formula of "ideal weight multiplied by 30", then you can be added to this figure to 300 calories at least, and about 500 calories if you are breast-feeding. The results are quite adequate figures, at least 1600-1800 kcal/day on average. Why is it so difficult to lose weight?

The Only difficulty associated with weight loss after childbirth – how to rebuild your diet. To be honest, many of us experience stress associated with a sudden change of social circle and "imprisonment within four walls." And small children – not one continuous pleasure, but also anxieties together with fears.

It so Happens that after birth we begin to stress eat, try to diversify your own leisure cooking and eating buns, and other harmful to figure things out. Honestly answer yourself – maybe you eat, no longer experiencing appetite, but simply to entertain and distract yourself from the home routine? If so, you will help the old as the world advice – keep a food diary.

Each piece of food should be recorded in a diary. This will help you to properly assess your own food, and more consciously approach the snacks.

Diet after delivery to lose weight diet:

We recommend you classic fractional meals. While on maternity leave, the easiest way to monitor the frequency of meals. This approach will help you not to suffer from hunger, and get all the necessary substances for the body. The diet given in this article allows you to choose a variety of products, and you can eventually make for yourself something useful and tasty at the same time.

Diet after childbirth: provisional menu

Breakfast is your most important meal. So you let the body know that you are awake, and metabolism needs to be accelerated. On the days when you exercise, it is better to choose a carbohydrate Breakfast – it will help to acquire the necessary energy. For example, cook any porridge on water or 0. 5% milk, and eat with a Cup ripe berries, Apple, grated carrots. In an hour your body will be ready for sports. If you do not exercise – eat low-fat cottage cheese with fruit, protein omelet with vegetables, in General, everything that contains protein and does not contain a lot of complex carbohydrates.

Second Breakfast should be light, hearty and enjoyable at the same time. Choose a few slices of low-fat cheese with vegetables and coffee, some dried fruits with your favorite hot drink without sugar, fruit, yogurt. Main thing – that the product does not contain preservatives and artificial flavor enhancers.

For lunch you should definitely eat a protein dish. Your choice – chicken breast, fish, low-fat cottage cheese, tofu. Try not to eat semi-finished products, especially dumplings, sausages and cutlets. Such food holds water and contains a lot of empty calories. In addition to the protein dish, eat a little carbohydrate side dish – baked potatoes, buckwheat, brown rice.

In three hours get yourself a "second lunch." If you want sweet – drink tea with one sweet fruit (not dried fruit!). You can also eat yogurt, 100 grams of cottage cheese, or drink milk.

Your dinner should take place 3-4 hours before bedtime and be light. Stew vegetables, cook light vegetable soups-puree and add a small portion of fish, meat or cottage cheese, if you feel an increased appetite. Food rich in fiber and protein at night helps in the process of weight loss.

And remember that if you perceive the diet as a path full of hardship and suffering, you are sure to "break". Take restrictions as a game – look for low-calorie analogues of your favorite dishes, cook with pleasure and try to look for entertainment and Hobbies outside the kitchen and the Cabinet with sweets, and then you will understand – quickly enough to lose weight after childbirth is possible.

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