How to lose weight after 40 years, especially losing weight after 40

How to lose weight after 40Many women think that losing weight after 40 years is almost impossible. What are the only factors to blame: and employment, and hormones and the notorious "well, now I don't need". In fact, age not an obstacle to getting fit. It is important to choose the right measures, means, do not rush, do not try to lose 20 pounds for the month, and all you must succeed. Well, we'll talk about how to make a competent weight loss program independently.

Lose Weight after 40 years: motivation

Any weight loss program starts with motivation. And many people are experiencing problems in this area. We are not lazy or limp. We are rational. And most rational adult women will never do something that doesn't make sense. If you're trying for the millionth time to eat less and walk more, but nothing happens, ask yourself honestly, what are you afraid of.

Sometimes, the woman is so accustomed to consider himself as a "workhorse" that shy possible appeal. Someone subconsciously associates completeness and solidity, and someone believes that any weight loss program is suffering and torment.

It Is very important to understand what prevents you to lose weight. No advice in the spirit of "love yourself, buy yourself a new blouse for a dropped kilogram" will not help until you understand what you benefit from excess weight. Naturally, at first glance, such a statement of the question seems absurd. But in fact, once you understand this, you will be able to comply with the weight loss program more efficiently.

What to do: write down on paper all the possible advantages from excess weight. Opposite to each plus – how it can be achieved without kilograms. For example, "weight makes me more solid" – "I behave like a solid adult, make informed decisions, and therefore I do not need extra weight."
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How to lose weight after 40: nutrition

Unfortunately, the loss of muscle mass and slowing metabolism over the years – a medical fact, not fiction not wanting to lose weight. To lose weight, you it will take a little more effort. Try to approach the diet responsibly and tune in to long-term weight loss. Gradually – this is your primary goal.

First of all, within a week or two keep a food diary. Record all meals and even "tea and coffee". This will help you identify objective eating disorders. Some people think that the diet is ideal, but in fact it turns out that it is not.

At the end of this period you should know how many meals a day you have, how you have Breakfast, lunch and dinner. Try to be honest, and no fancy diet you do not need. The next step is to improve your habits as much as possible.

What to do: Highlight in food diary products that are not healthy and lead to the accumulation of fat – sausages, sausages, fatty cheeses, smoked meat, marinades and "blanks", sweets, rolls, cakes. Start by improving one meal, such as dinner. For example, for dinner you eat fried potatoes and cutlet. Try to cook potatoes in foil without fat, sprinkle it with dill and prepare a sauce of yogurt and a small amount of mustard. And cook the cutlet for a couple or bake in the oven, removing the pre-breaded. Almost all dishes have a healthy analogue, look for it and you will lose weight without any fancy restrictions.

Let the time pass, you will get used to new products. Only then start to cut portions. The standard of nutrition for weight loss – fractional power – three meals and two small snacks in between. Let the garnish be the size of a tennis ball, meat or fish – with a deck of cards, and non-starchy vegetables and unsweetened fruits do not necessarily limit. Usually these small changes help to lose weight without hunger strikes, fasting days and breakdowns.

Features of weight loss after 40 years: physical activity

Usually women try to neglect fitness. In the course are any excuses – illness, fatigue, too tight schedule. However, the harsh truth is – if you do not train, it is unlikely you will like the result of weight loss "in appearance". Even the most perfect diet is not able to tighten the muscles, improve tone skin and complexion and substantially to accelerate metabolism. But even the simplest training will help to solve these problems.

What to do: don't let the fitness you like, then find time. Remember what you were doing before with pleasure. It can be any activity – though swimming and walking, though dancing. Find a club closer to home or work, so that there is no temptation to miss classes – and forward.

Especially for those who are afraid to hurt health, there are training Pilates on the floor, fitness yoga for beginners and callanetics. These activities exclude stress on the joints and are recommended for those who have varicose veins, osteochondrosis, joint injuries. At the same time they strengthen muscles and improve health, so you should definitely try.

So, thoughtful approach will help you overcome age problems. In the end, you know yourself, and therefore, and you can change for the better.

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