How to live up to 90 years and longer: 5 simple tips from centenarians

Science is actively developing, but dreams of eternal life are still only dreams.

But there are 5 simple rules that will help you live longer than 90 years in good health!

1. Moderation in food

Centenarians combines moderation in eating. For example, 103-year-old grandmother Kamada, like her many peers from the island of Okinawa, before each meal repeats: "Eat until hunger begins to disappear." The first signals of saturation begin to arrive in the brain when the stomach is filled at 4/5. This the moment is important to grasp.

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2. Physical activity

Regular exercise helps fight aging and reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease and Alzheimer's disease. To maintain good health, a person should exercise at least 3.5 hours a week.

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No time to visit the gym? Then try to move more in everyday life. More often do the cleaning, walk and climb the stairs, not the Elevator. You can also arrange a 5-minute warm-up during the working day.

3. Observation by the same doctor

Experts of the English University of Exeter conducted a study, which showed that people who are observed at the same doctor for many years, live longer. This is explained by the fact that doctors remember the features of the patient's condition, which lead, and quickly notice the smallest changes. This applies not only to the therapist, but also to specialists (for example, cardiologist or psychiatrist).

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4. No stress

Against the background of chronic stress, the risk of developing some diseases increases almost 2 times! Therefore, it is important to always maintain favorable psycho-emotional state. This will help meditation, lavender aromas and hot baths (with honey and milk, essential oils, herbal infusions, etc.). And the best products in the fight against stress are nuts and green tea.

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5. Full sleep

Sleep is an important part of the longevity program. It should be at least 7 hours a day and always in complete darkness. If during sleep there are light disturbances, the level of the hormone melatonin is disturbed. As a result, people wakes up tired and broken, and many systems of an organism fail. In this case, the longevity and can not speak.

If you can not sleep, an hour before sleep, refrain from using gadgets. Better read or take a little walk.

The Benefits of all of the above rules are scientifically sound, so you can safely apply them!

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