How to learn to think creatively: 6 ways to help gernerirovat new ideas

The Ability to generate fresh ideas and think outside the box largely determines success. There is an opinion that creative and creative people are born as such, but science does not agree with this. Scientists believe that lateral thinking can be developed by anyone.

We have collected 6 ways that will help to improve in this direction. Applying them comprehensively, you will be surprised at how much you can be creative!

1. Make the diversity in routine cases

The Often worked out auto mode of routine work blocks the way to new ideas. Therefore, it is very useful to periodically make a variety of routine matters. For example, change the route to work or to the store. Even such a method as using another unusual hand when writing, stimulates the hemispheres of the brain, which ensures their productive work.

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2. Use the practice of "Morning pages"

The Ability to generate ideas is closely related to the ability to Express your thoughts quickly and clearly. To develop it, it is recommended to practice "Morning pages". Every day in the morning write down your feelings and thoughts on three pages. You need to write everything that came to mind at this moment.

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This practice allows you to get rid of the "mental" garbage and free up space in your head for fresh ideas. In addition, in the process of writing, you can suddenly find a solution to any issue.

3. Arrange a creative date

Once a week, devote time to your favorite activities, which usually you do not find time. First, make a list of things that give you pleasure. Ride a bike, bake cupcakes, paint landscapes - all that pleases you. It is important that on a creative date you are alone with yourself. Its meaning is to find something for yourself inspiring.

4. Take the example of Leonardo da Vinci

The Great scientist used his method to improve creative thinking. He closed his eyes, relaxed as much as possible and drew a blank sheet of paper with arbitrary scribbles. Then he found familiar images in the drawing. Many ideas of paintings and inventions came from such doodles.

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5. Temporarily limit reading

When our brain attacks the flow of information every hour, it is very difficult to deal with the creative crisis. And restricting the flow, let yourself from the Internet and printed publications, as a reward we get the internal flow in the quality of our own emotions, thoughts and ideas.

During the failure of reading to do chores around the house, which are long hands did not reach: to bring order to the balcony, transplant the flowers to disassemble the shelf things.

6. Don't wait for inspiration

Humanity fell short of many brilliant creations for the banal reason: creative people waited a long time for his Muse, and many have not waited. Do not follow a bad example, it is better to listen to the words of Stephen king, author of a dozen bestsellers. He always thought that Muse should not wait as it will come in the process.

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Think creatively, find new things in ordinary things, generate ideas - skills that highly sought after nowadays. Therefore, it is worth spending time and effort on their development!

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