How to learn to swim on your own: basic exercises and tips

A Person can be 10, 15, 40, 50 or 60 years old. But, with all the skills and talents, not everyone can swim. Don't worry. This can be learned as in 11 or 14, so and in 30 years or later. The main thing - to consider some rules and not be afraid of water.

Basic exercises

Special basic exercises have been developed For adults to help them master swimming. This complex can be used by children from 7 years and older. Implementation exercise is a good method that will allow you to overcome your complexes, fear, stop being afraid of depth. Thanks to them, you can quickly learn to stay confident on the water. You can train in the pool, on the river or on the sea.

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To learn to swim from scratch, we should master the exercise "star". It is suitable for a child from 10 to 12 years (boy and girl), and a teenager in 16, or an adult.

Method without problems it is possible to learn by yourself. To do this, inhale the maximum amount of air, hold your breath and take a horizontal position on the water. Exercise can be performed on the chest and back. Head lower in the water and hold on. Legs and arms spread in different sides. "Star" will help to stay at sea or river depth in a relaxed state.

THE ABC RECOMMENDS the Technique of swimming crawl for beginners

2️ slides

To learn how to properly stay on the water in the river or pool, you should learn to slide. This technique is the basis of any style. If you learn how to properly perform a slide on the side, chest or back, you can understand how to swim the breaststroke with Dolphin, breaststroke or butterfly. This approach makes you slip after the stroke on, holding balance.

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Doing exercise on the back, you need to stand back to the shore or to the side face. All the limbs extend along the trunk quietly. Take a breath and hold it. A little sit down and a little push, then take the situation lying down. The abdominal muscles should be strained, and the chin - pressed to the chest. Helping yourself with a stroke of the hands palms down, try not to take the sitting position.

If same master the slip on the chest, you need to stand up so that the water reaches the chest. Bend down a little and touch the water with your chin. Forward to expose hands, having connected thumbs. Breath. Express down to the depth of the face to the bottom. Push off from him with their feet and accept horizontal position. Try to slide with outstretched limbs.

Sliding on the chest is performed by changing the position of the hands.

3️ float

Another approach is called "float". The technique allows you to learn how to relax the body in water. This will require a deep breath, hold your breath and pull your knees to your chest, pressing them. Best to put your arms around them. Under water, tilt the head to him.

Simple tips

Where is the best place to do these basic exercises? It is optimal to train in the pool. You can learn to swim in the river on your own. But you can't go too far. It is recommended to choose the direction to the shore, that is, from depth to shallow.

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If during the classes there were difficulties, fear, panic attacks, do not go into the water for longer than 5 minutes, and stay one on one with element. It is better to enlist the support of an experienced swimmer.

Not to be tired, no need to train for the first time in too long. It is also worth doing a stretch for the joints in the ankles.

Not recommended immediately to master the breaststroke or the front crawl. First, you should choose the easiest way - "dog" or "frog". You can swim like a dog, constantly working with your hands and making "catchy" strokes. Legs work on the principle of scissors. Other easy option – like a frog. Here the strokes are made in the side. Synchronously hands and feet. This method is considered to be more correct and safe.

One of the important rules is consistency. Training should be carried out every week. The optimal load - at least 2 days a week for half an hour.

It is Worth noting right away: hardly someone will manage to master all the exercises for 5 minutes or 1 day. Training should be carried out independently. How many classes will it take to learn skills? Here all individually. The main thing - do not despair and continue. 

How to learn to swim an adult on their own: video

Considering all these tips, you can learn to swim breaststroke or appliances mermaid as a child 9-13 years of age and an adult girl. Useful video tutorial for beginners will help you easily understand the process:

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