How to keep weight, do not gain weight after a diet for weight loss: the rule of the plate

In most cases it is not easy to keep weight after a diet. And in the first place it depends on really dropped pounds were superfluous.

In many cases girls, women are guided by the generally accepted parameters of beauty 90-60-90, dropping just the same superfluous weight, in pursuit of the "perfect figure".
How to keep weight after a dietAnd typically such superfluous pounds will soon again be typed. This happens when the girl stops sit on diet and switches to normal power mode.

The Return of this weight that the body "thinks" it is useful, naturally. This is how our physiology works. The body seeks to maintain the relative dynamic constancy of the chemical composition, constant body temperature, regulated blood, lymph... (this phenomenon is called – homeostasis). Physiology of the body also provides for the maintenance of a certain amount of fat mass. As a result, if we we spend those fat cells that our body considers an inviolable reserve, he has to use the incoming nutrients to build fat, or reduce the level of metabolism, thereby saving energy.
So, first estimate, whether it is necessary to lose weight.

How to keep weight after diet, recommendations

If the kilos you dropped, was really unnecessary, not to gain weight after diet is quite real. From excessive fat deposits, not useful for health, the body is ready to give up. But... we have to help him. In order not to gain weight after a diet, do not have to keep themselves within the strict limitations. Simply observe moderation in nutrition. Here is where the problems start.

Out of the diet: the rule of the plate

A Good option is to have a balanced diet after diet and not gain weight – a kind of "rule plates". The peculiarity of this diet is that you can eat any food, BUT according to certain rules. To do this, you need to choose a plate that is designed for the second course, its diameter should be 25 cm. This plate should be divided into two halves, one of which is divided into two parts. Exactly half of the plate we leave for vegetables and fruits, one quarter is filled with low-fat protein foods, the remaining – foods rich complex carbohydrates. This rule must be observed during each meal.

the advantages of this power supply:

  • don't need calculate calories and calculate the required amount of proteins, vitamins, minerals, plant fibers, etc.,
  • at the same time you get a healthy and balanced diet in the required amount,
  • you have the opportunity to be absolutely free in choosing a meal and eating what you like, the only limitation is the "plate rule",
  • and most importantly, do not have to keep your body in hunger and constant restrictions.

Of Course, the first time it is difficult constantly limit themselves in nutrition. If during the diet it was possible to console yourself with the fact that you have to suffer a little more, then no less difficult period of weight stabilization, the exit from the diet, usually lasts longer than the diet itself and all this time you want to chew something. Over time, the body gets used to this diet, but this time has to endure, and it is not easy.

It is here that special drugs come to the rescue, which reduce appetite. These are the dietary SUPPLEMENTS for weight loss, which are made from natural plant and protein components. Among these components are often used fiber, pectin, fucus, Garcinia, guarana, chromium, chitosan, etc. Such drugs reduce the desire to eat sweets, they also normalize the appetite, and thus help not to gain weight after a diet, taste is not violated in any way.
But using dietary Supplements, it is necessary to understand that they are not a panacea, if you were before a sedentary lifestyle, be sure to accustom the body to love exercise.

some More tips to keep weight off after diet:
• Include only cooked, stewed or grilled dishes in your diet. Try as little as possible to eat fried vegetables, meat and fish.

• No additives! Even if you are visiting, and the hostess offers you a Supplement, firmly say "No".

• give Up strong spirits, they only increase appetite. You can drink only dry wines, as they are actually useful for the processes of digestion and metabolism. But it should be remembered that everything should be in moderation.

• Try to eat mostly natural foods. In order to be sure that the food is not added to a variety of flavor enhancers have to cook yourself.

• during the period of beriberi (winter and early spring) it is necessary to take complex vitamin preparations. If your diet is very poor on vitamins a, C, E and the minerals Ca, Cr, I, K, Mg you necessarily should take vitamins.

• do Not eat while watching TV or reading. Try to eat slowly, fully tuned to the consumption of food. Only in this way you can feel the saturation in time.

• don't starve yourself, better on time snack than then swallow a high-calorie cake.

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