How to keep weight after diet | Slimming

Many people are going to lose weight on one of the fast diets, do not think about the most, perhaps, important moment. Namely – losing weight, you need to be able to keep it. And, alas, it turns out very few. After all when we return to the usual us diet, and is returned to the "normal" weight.

In order For the diet period (and your effort) are not wasted, you need to know, what processes occur after cessation of the diet, and that specifically, you need to do to keep the reduced weight.

So – each diet includes two periods. This is just the time of the diet and life after weight loss. Let's say you were half-starved for a week, two weeks, a month; and finally came the last "hungry" day. Then the question arises: "How to live?". After all, a fully painted diet for the day is over and it's time for independent nutrition. Now you can eat everything and not record every eaten slice. But I do not want to lose all the results that you have achieved with such hard efforts.

Now it will just be necessary to adhere to the basic rules of nutrition, so that the results obtained during the diet, were saved. During low-calorie diet metabolism slows down, so if you go back to the usual diet, as it was before the diet – the kilograms dropped by hard work, will not slow down to return, because the body "remembers" its usual rhythm of nutrition and metabolism. Quit the diet you need to gradually and also gradually increase the caloric content of the daily diet. Recovery metabolism will occur a few more weeks after the end of the diet. This one. the period is extremely important – because the new diet and style of food is formed "on the way out". In addition – you need to take into account your physical activity, and accordingly to select the caloric intake.

Of Course, it is desirable to do sports, but you need to be aware of how regular will be able to do. The main thing – not a lot of exercise, and the regularity of training. But in any case – be sure to see a doctor before classes and consult with him about this, as not all sports may be suitable specifically for you. You can practice three or four times a week, this will be enough to keep the figure. Not necessarily classes should be held in the gym; you can ride a bike, roller skates or skate, play outdoor games (Frisbee, volleyball, basketball). Swimming has a very good effect on the figure – all muscle groups are loaded in the water, and swimming is generally a leader in sports in terms of energy consumption. By this swimming generally has a beneficial effect on the overall tone of the person. Sports can bring 0.5-1 kg, but it will not be fat, but muscle mass, which in itself is a certain guarantee of maintaining the ideal figure.

Proper nutrition and moderate (and regular) physical activity help to keep the desired shape for a long time. The main thing that an active and healthy lifestyle has become natural for you, and in this case the extra kilograms are not terrible to you, and the figure will remain tightened.

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