How to keep vitamins in cooking vegetables | For weight loss and health

For the life of our body, to maintain the normal operation of all organs, in order to have beautiful skin and hair, even if you follow a diet for weight loss, it is necessary that the food that we eat, retain a maximum of vitamins and other nutrients in the process of storage and cooking.

To preserve the nutrients and vitamins contained in vegetables, the following must be observed in the preparation of vegetable dishes regulation.

How to keep vitamins when storing vegetables

Vegetables should be stored in a cool, dry place. When stored in the light they partially destroyed vitamins.

In the hot summer days to preserve the freshness of leafy vegetables, wrap them in a rag soaked in vinegar.

Vegetables need to be cleaned and cut with a stainless steel knife.
If leafy vegetables are heavily contaminated, they should be left for a short time in cold water, and then rinse well.

How to preserve vitamins when cooking vegetables

If possible, cook vegetables in a steamer: with this method, vitamins are destroyed less. When processing hot steam does not violate the cellular structure of tissues, and does not change the taste and aroma of vegetables.

For Example, steamed broccoli contains 40% more vitamins than boiled cabbage.

The larger the cut vegetables, the less vitamins they loose during cooking.

If you cook vegetables in a pot with chipped enamel, in contact with iron and copper destroys vitamin C.

When cooking, do not pour more water than necessary. Throw vegetables in already boiling water.

Boiled vegetables do not leave in water, they will become watery, tasteless.
Boiled or steamed vegetables, serve immediately on the table. There is more vitamin C in freshly prepared vegetables than in standing ones.
If the vegetable dish is to be cooked for a few days, then only the portion intended for serving should be heated.

In soups, side dishes, meat add green onion, dill, parsley, also you can use the radish tops. Greens will make the dish more fragrant and useful, as well as pleasing to the eye.

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