How to increase testosterone in men in natural ways

Representatives of the stronger sex over 40 years are often interested in how to increase testosterone in men in natural ways? Over time, the level of androgen hormone responsible for sexual function and stress resistance decreases. Its deficiency affects not only physical health, but also emotional state. Before taking medication, you may want to change your lifestyle and use natural methods, to boost testosterone in a man's body.

How important is testosterone?

The Hormone is produced by the adrenal cortex and testicles, a small amount is produced pituitary.

The Role of testosterone for the male body is large enough:

  • regulates the processes of sexual development in boys;
  • involved in the conversion of glucose and protein into muscle tissue;
  • takes part in exchange processes;
  • controls the level of sugar in the blood;
  • prevents the accumulation of fat;
  • affects potency;
  • increases resistance to stress;
  • increases sexual activity.

Note! Up to 18 years in a man's body testosterone level increases, and after 30 decreases. Each year, the hormone level decreases by about 2%.

Causes of testosterone decline in men

There are two forms of testosterone:

  • free – about 2% of total, active form, not associated with substances in the blood;
  • bound – the remaining 98% of the hormone does not affect tissue cells on its own.

If in young age lowering testosterone in men is considered pathology, then in old age is natural process.

The following factors contribute to the Reduction of androgen hormone levels:

  • low quality products;
  • frequent stress;
  • use of hormonal agents;
  • environmental pollution;
  • alcohol abuse;
  • low-activity lifestyle;
  • irregular intimate relations, frequent change of partners.

Often the cause of lower testosterone is not a factor, but the impact in the aggregate.

How to raise testosterone in men by natural ways?

In Order to quickly increase testosterone levels in a man's body in natural ways, you will have to radically change your usual way of life.

Important activities are:

  • proper nutrition;
  • stress avoidance;
  • refusal from harmful habits;
  • weight normalization;
  • sleep normalization;
  • regular sexual relations.

In case of sedentary lifestyle, it is necessary to increase physical activity.

Note! According to experts, men overweight testosterone level is lower than that of the stronger sex sports complexion.

Proper nutrition

How to increase the hormone testosterone in men by reviewing your diet? Experts identify several groups of products that contribute to its raise:

  • high in protein (fish, meat, cottage cheese, etc.) – it is recommended to eat more fish than meat, because it contains less cholesterol;
  • the ingredients with the content of selenium and zinc in seafood;
  • vegetables (cabbage, tomatoes, carrots, celery and others);
  • cereals are useful with the lowest starch content (buckwheat, rice, millet, barley);
  • berries, fruits, greens – peaches, persimmons, grapes, dried apricots, spinach, parsley and more;
  • spices – curry, cardamom, turmeric;
  • nuts and seeds – walnuts, peanuts, hazelnuts, almonds, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seed.

Note! Scientists have found that nuts and seeds are natural aphrodisiacs.

Stress Avoidance

Stress In modern society it is a constant companion of man. The consequence is irritability, depression and chronic fatigue. Prolonged stress contributes to the production of cortisol, which blocks the adrogenic hormone.

Is it Possible to increase testosterone in men in such cases? This is really possible if you avoid stressful situations, do breathing exercises and yoga.

Refusal from harmful habits

The Main enemy of testosterone is alcohol. It not only adversely affects the kidneys, liver and other organs, but also prevents the production of androgen hormone. Moreover, the negative impact is noted in any alcohol-containing beverage, regardless of strength.

For Example, in the composition of beer includes an analogue of the female hormone, so this male is considered to be a drink for men harmful. The only alcohol that promotes testosterone is red wine. But it should be dry and necessarily natural, and drink this drink should be in moderate quantities.

Normalization weight

Obese Men often experience symptoms of low testosterone. To restore its level, it is recommended to lose weight. It is important to radically reconsider your lifestyle, adhere to proper nutrition, exercise. It is desirable to remove sweets from the diet, which not only lead to the deposition of fat deposits, but can also cause an increase in blood sugar. In addition to sweets, it is recommended to limit the consumption of carbohydrate foods.

Note! Scientists have found that excess fat is involved in the conversion of male sex hormones into female.

Men with excess weight will benefit from temporary fasting, the essence of which is periodic abstinence from food. On such days it is allowed to drink only water. The duration of fasting is from 16 hours to 3 days. Those who have tried to starve in this way, indicate that, that feel themselves younger than, and the specified period lack, to restore hormonal balance. According to scientists, in one period of fasting it is possible to increase the level of testosterone in 2 or even 3 times.

Sedentary lifestyle should be changed to active. It is advisable to do some kind of sport or just move more often, prefer long walks to transport, climb the stairs instead of using the Elevator. At home, you can do daily exercises. Regular exercise increases testosterone levels. The greatest effect is given by strength training, which helps to strengthen the muscles of the back, arms and legs. Do not overload the body too much, classes should be intense, but at that time short. On one training should be allocated no more than an hour, otherwise the body will experience stress, which will lead to the formation of cortisol and testosterone suppression.

Sleep Normalization

By Experts it is established that a large part of the hormones produced in the phase of deep sleep. Therefore, men who constantly lack sleep often face low testosterone. It is recommended to allocate at least 7 hours for sleep. However, this is an average figure. Each person has its own individual parameters, which depends on the characteristics of the body. It is important to sleep as long as it takes for a feeling of vivacity and good state of health.

Regular sex

Inseparable companions are potency and testosterone. It is worth noting that the sexual act itself does not increase the level of this hormone, as some think. However, after a week of abstinence from sexual pleasures, testosterone in the blood can significantly decrease. This means that to maintain the hormone in the normal need for regular sexual relations.

Some people have a reasonable question: how to increase the content of the hormone testosterone in the body of a man with the help of sex, if its reduction leads to sexual impotence? It turns out a vicious circle. Perhaps it is worth taking SUPPLEMENTS that promote androgen. They are not a replacement for the hormone, but help to restore the tone of blood vessels, increase blood circulation and return sexual attraction.

Features of testosterone increase in men after 40, 50 and 60 years

Regardless of age, there are General guidelines for restoring hormone levels. But if in 40 years it, though lowered, but still close to normal, in 60 years to keep its value within acceptable limits is extremely difficult.

After 40 years as a rule, potency is normal, so it is possible to keep testosterone levels regular sexual relations. However, at this age it is already necessary to monitor your weight, because at this time usually begins to appear overweight. A man is at the dawn of his strength, and therefore an active lifestyle is the key to success.

After 50 years some men have problems with potency, so will have support its possible ways. As after 40 years, it is important to follow a proper diet and maintain a healthy image lives.

After 60 years when retired, many men usually spend a lot of time at home, lead a sedentary lifestyle and, as a result, gain weight. This is an important period when the likelihood of testosterone decline is particularly high. To eliminate the impending threat, it will require constant hormone replacement therapy.

So, how to increase testosterone production in men? If desired, and the right approach to keep the hormone at the optimum level under the power of each.

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