How to increase life length: 10 easy ways

The Best minds of humanity are struggling to unravel the secret of longevity. At the same time, longevity remains a real privilege, although scientists have already come close to understanding what helps a person to live longer.

After deciphering the human genome, it turned out that longevity is more dependent on nutrition and lifestyle than on genes. Let us consider 10 ways, a comprehensive the use of which will help live on couple of decades longer!

10 ways to increase life length

Science is actively developing, but dreams of eternal life still remain unfulfilled. But there are 10 ways to increase your life expectancy!

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1. Refrain from fried foods or reduce its amount in the diet. Everyone loves the Golden crust that appears when frying. That's just the end result of this process are damaged protein and fat molecules that accelerate the aging process in the body and provoke the development of dangerous diseases.

2. Drink plenty of pure water. Our body is 80% water, which is involved in all important biochemical processes of the body. With age, the percentage of water in the body decreases, so you should try to drink more. 

3. Add herbs, spices and spices to your food. Some of them effectively fight with aging. For example, parsley, ginger root, garlic, tarragon, Basil, thyme and rosemary.

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4. In moderate quantities, drink red wine. In this the drink contains many useful substances, including enzymes that rejuvenate the body. Only 30 g of red wine per day will be enough for beneficial effects.

5. Follow the caloric intake. In humans, who eat moderately, significantly reduced the risk of death from diabetes, malignant tumors and heart and vascular diseases.

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6. Provide yourself with quality sleep. Constant lack of sleep weakens the immune system, leads to the development of psychoemotional disorders and increases cravings for sugar-containing products. For a full recovery of the body requires at least 7 hours of quality sleep per day (in complete darkness).

7. Always have a purpose in life. Having a goal is an important part of the "program" of longevity. People who do not have any incentive begin to lose interest in life and quickly go out.

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8. Get a pet. Many centenarians have a cat or a dog in the house. Constant communication with your pet helps to get rid of stress, improve mood and normalize blood pressure.

9. Sport. People who spend at least half an hour a day exercising are much less likely to suffer from joint pain, cardiovascular disease, depression and increased anxiety.

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10. Do not delay in going to the doctor. If you feel unwell, it is important promptly consult a doctor for early diagnosis and treatment. This way you can avoid complications.

Now you know what to do to live up to 100 years in good health!

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