How to improve the complexion?

How to improve the complexion?

No matter How amazing it may seem, but the beauty of a woman is often judged by the color of her skin. The peculiar freshness of the girl is felt even at a short distance, which allows us to talk about her as a very attractive. But the tired dull appearance of the skin to some extent disfigures even stunning women. How to improve complexion quickly?

Causes of dull skin color

The Body completely renews its cells in seven years. However, epidermal cells are updated much more often – once a month. This means that in just 30 days you can transform your complexion without using radical methods, changing only the image lives.

The Skin can tell a lot about the leisure and power of its owner. Yes, the skin often fades after a long winter, this is not surprising. But much more often it becomes dull due to poor nutrition, bad habits, poor performance of the gastrointestinal tract or a banal lack of care. Thus, in order to radically change the order of things, it is necessary to take into account all of the following factors.

How to improve the complexion?

Products that improve complexion

How to improve complexion if each of the foods we eat has the opposite effect? Even using the most effective drugs, radically change the situation is very difficult. If a person consumes not enough vegetables, but at the same time too indulges himself with fried and sweet products, likes to eat chips, crackers and other, obviously harmful drugs, the result of this will not take long to wait. These Goodies are very harmful to health, which, accordingly, is displayed on the skin. And what products improve the complexion? These include:

  • fish, which has an abundance of nutritious fats and oils;
  • low-fat boiled meat;
  • raw and boiled eggs;
  • dairy products;
  • carrots, young potatoes, broccoli, spinach;
  • tomatoes, plums, apricots;
  • green cabbage and green salad;
  • nuts, oatmeal, wheat;
  • corn and soy;
  • flax grains having in their composition irreplaceable "omega-3" and "omega-6";
  • carrot and citrus Sookie;
  • melon, watermelon and some other vegetables and fruits.

Each of the above products has some useful ingredients that help fight aging in General and improve the complexion in particular. Antioxidants found in broccoli, spinach and Brussels sprouts are the main enemies of free radicals. The latter, in turn, are the main cause of aging. That is, solving the question: "How to improve the complexion?" the use of the above products can at the same time solve the problem of preserving youth.

Cosmetics, improving complexion

Most women are interested in questions such as:

  1. How to improve the complexion?
  2. it improves the complexion?
  3. Mask that improves complexion.
  4. How to improve complexion quickly?

So, many believe that the problem can be solved alone only cosmetics. This is true, but for how long?

The Most effective methods are:

How to improve the complexion?

  • stable skin cleansing in the morning and evening;
  • use of scrubs 1-2 times a week;
  • application after cleansing nourishing and moisturizing creams (after all, how to improve the complexion, if you do not provide him with the most important – water?);
  • home use masks'.

The Necessary tools for these procedures can be found even on the Internet, typing in the search engine "How to improve the complexion reviews". In that case, it would be possible to learn how other women dealt with such problems and what methods they used.

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