How to improve body metabolism and lose weight: 11 ways | For weight loss

how to improve metabolismWith age in order to stay healthy and slim you need to put more effort. As a rule, metabolism slows down over the years. And hardly anyone can afford everything they want without limiting themselves or the amount or time of supply.
The more important it is to know simple but effective ways how to improve metabolism in the body.

Fractional power

Diet: to improve metabolism and maintain a high level of metabolism during the day nutritionists recommend eating fractional: 5-6 times a day in small portions.

Breakfast is mandatory

Without Breakfast, the body will save energy until the first meal. It is Breakfast that awakens the body, activates the metabolism in the body, which naturally slows at night, before nine to twelve hours the lack of incoming food. In the absence of Breakfast, the body believes that energy should be protected, which means that less calories are burned.

Daily Breakfast consumption of Hercules porridge known as oatmeal, will benefit metabolism. To diversify this meal will help Supplement from natural yogurt or fruit.
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If the body does not get enough water, it begins to save and accumulate it. The daily rate of fluid intake for a healthy person is about 2 liters. If you on a diet of water your body needs even more.

Green tea

In green tea contains a huge number of useful elements. In addition to polyphenols, which rid the body of toxins, helping to cleanse the liver natural by the way, there are thermogenics. They provide accelerated fat burning.


These fruits are known as products that accelerate metabolism in the body, they promote the breakdown of fats and help the digestive system work. Particularly helpful for losing weight grapefruit and lemon.

Chew thoroughly

There is a need to slowly, deliberately. Chewing carefully, especially focus on how you eat. Remember, that digestion is activated as soon as the sense of smell catches the smell of food, the one that you intend to eat. We advise you to avoid snacking in front of the computer, eating while reading or watching TV.

Exercise vs. zsira

Physical Exercise can be enjoyed at any time of the day, though the evening, although morning is not critical. Morning exercises will help provide a good mood and positive emotions for the whole coming day, and just Wake up the body. Evening training, after 18 hours, reduces the likelihood of bruises and sprains due to the fact that the muscles are in good shape. In addition, the burning of calories is faster, because the body is as cheerful as possible. If exercise to perform actively, there is an increase in muscle mass, which in turn improves metabolism in the body.
The ideal mode of training for beginners – to work out all the muscles 3 times a week for 30 minutes.

Movement always

If there is no time for sports or long walks, there will always be available ways to keep yourself in good shape. The easiest one is whether in the office or at home not to use the Elevator. You can always overcome only a few floors on foot, and the Elevator - the rest, especially if the apartment or office is on a high floor. Also, a good way will only go down the stairs, and travel up to overcome the Elevator. The same situation is with transport. A couple of stops from home to work and back is useful to walk. Thanks to such a little effort, the metabolism will be improved, a good mood is guaranteed and another step on the way to harmony will be made.


Massage accelerates blood, improves blood circulation and metabolism. The same action will produce and contrast shower.


Sauna heats the body and opens the pores, and thus contribute to the purification of the body and accelerate metabolic processes. Unfortunately, these procedures are contraindicated in some diseases.
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Zinc, calcium and selenium help the body to improve metabolism and lymph system function.

Iodine – in most regions of Russia there is a lack of iodine in the diet. A lack of iodine can cause diseases of the thyroid gland, which will adversely affect the metabolic processes in the body.

Important: before you buy a vitamin and mineral complex, you should consult a nutritionist, fitness trainer or therapist.

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