How to get rid of water in the ear: 5 safe ways

Surely everyone at least once in his life had to face an unpleasant situation when after surfacing, after a shower, swimming in the pool or river in the ear is water.

If the liquid a bit and it was not too deep, you need do nothing. It will result without interference. But when the water was in the middle ear, will have to make some effort. Otherwise, you can get summer otitis media. What do and how to pour water out of the ear if water got?


There are a few simple ways to remove the water from the ear that got into it while bathing, including through the nose, and now squishes, does not come back on their own. The vacuum method is one of them.

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To do this, you need a finger or a palm tightly plug the ear, and the head is bowed to the shoulder. Close your finger and press hard in the ear, and then abruptly remove it. This "homemade" vacuum will get rid of water. If necessary, the method can be repeated several times.

Anatomical variant

If water gets stuck in the inner ear after bathing, it can be removed in a simple anatomical way. This will need to shoulder to tilt his head, then pulling the earlobe. To release the liquid, you should try to shake it out. To do this, shake your head or jump, move your lower jaw a little.

Quickly to expel the moisture you can, if you repeatedly swallow when performing such actions.

The Method is good because it allows you to stretch the ear canal without damaging it, and creating a direct path for water, which she did not. This will help to get rid of congestion and feelings of congestion.


So, option #3. If, after the sea in the ear went in the sea water, why my head's pounding, there is the feeling as if inside squishes, hurts, but just shake out the moisture does not work, you can use a Hairdryer. How to use it to pump liquid at home? Very simple!

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But the method should not be used if the swimming or diving water is numb in the ears of the child and does not flow. It is not too convenient and correct. In such a situation, it is better to consult a doctor and wash the patient's organ to prevent complications.

To remove moisture you need to turn on the hair dryer. The temperature mode of the device is put on the minimum mark. The device should be kept at a distance of 30 cm from the head. On a strong heating switch cannot be! Drum the membrane is a very sensitive "element", as well as the skin of the ear. The hot air can hurt them. It remains only to dry the remains of the liquid where it is numb.


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Sometimes push the water out of the ear helps elementary yawning. If a person does not hear when moisture enters, there is noise and pain, then a water "bubble"was formed. To get it will help the movement jaws. This should be done as long as there is no cotton.

Special drops

Special drops will help to Remove the liquid, including in infants or older children. This tool is not intended to simply remove moisture. Drops allow you to clean the cavity of the liquid and bacteria that it contains.

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Than in this case it is recommended use it? First aid to pump out moisture - the following means:

  • Otipax;
  • Waxol;
  • Cerumen And.

Using them is simple. It is necessary to drip the solution in accordance with the instructions. You can also make a home version. To remove the remaining drops, mix alcohol and vinegar in a ratio of 1:1.

Standard hydrogen peroxide or boric acid is not used in washing, especially in a newborn.

To ensure that the liquid drains by yourself, is not always. If the second day to drain the moisture does not come out, do not take the risk. We need to see a doctor. It will help to knock out drops that will prevent other problems. Also, the doctor will tell you what causes moisture and how to eliminate them. It will explain why it flows from the sink, will determine whether there is a cork, and will help to check the hearing in the running situation.

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In fact, you can protect yourself. Today, both adults and children can close their ears before bathing, using special devices. On sale there are silicone plugs that will not allow such troubles. Insert them and remove is not a problem, and their cost is low.

To Understand how to quickly cope with the problem, if the moisture itself does not pour out of the ear, help video:

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