How to get rid of the pegment spot in just 4 minutes a day

Healthy and beautiful skin is the pride of every woman. However, sometimes it formed yellow-brown spots that spoil the whole image.

To deal with them, no need for expensive salon treatments. It turns out that the daily 4-minute exposure to certain points helps to get rid of age spots at home!

Technique run

Find Qiu Xu on your leg. It is located in the area of the lower edge of the ankle, right in front of it. When you press on this point, you should feel pain. With your thumb or middle finger, without moving the skin, massage Qiu Xu with light movements. On average, you need to influence it for two minutes.

Find two more points - Feng Chi. They are located on the back of the head and it is convenient to massage them with two fingers. Acting on them for a minute and a half, as a bonus, you will feel the clarity of mind and peace of mind.

Remains to consider the last point - tai Chong. It is located on the back side of the foot, in the place where the bones of the big and second toes converge. Actively stimulate this point for 30 seconds.

Consult your doctor Before using this method.

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Every Day by working on these points, you can reduce the yellow-brown spots on the skin, and eventually get rid of them!

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