How to get rid of the fat layer on the stomach: fast fat burning

How to get rid of the fat layer on the stomach: fast fat burning

Subcutaneous fat on the abdomen – a problem that affects most women and men, even if they do not advertise it in the voice. Belly – one of the biggest problem areas, get rid of which are trying in the first place. But it is very important not just to mindlessly pump the press or eat the "Holy spirit", and do everything with the mind, then the result will be more significant and will not go away two days after eating a donut. conditional Support can be to divide the phase of burning belly fat by gradually reducing and forming press and fast fat burning at maximum load.

How to reduce the fat layer on the stomach

The Most rational method is considered to be the gradual burning of the subcutaneous fat layer on the abdomen, as it less traumatizes the body, brings less stress, and after the body is drawn into the desired mode, fat deposits are much less likely to return. It is important to understand that only one swing of the press to get rid of fat will not work – the stomach will only be more because of the inflated muscles and the top layer of fat. Therefore, it is recommended to follow these steps:

1. Transition to proper nutrition. It is not necessary to be frightened at once and to disown from this way as from a traditional diet it is really necessary to strike out absolutely a little, and all food can be same tasty, as well as always. What exactly you need to do is get used to eat a little (a portion the size of a palm), but 3-5 times a day. Having refused fried and fat, it is possible to lose weight very quickly. Eating protein and complex carbohydrates, you feed the body, and he will spend energy that is inherent in the body fat.

2. Large amount of water. First, it cleanses the body, removing toxins, negative elements, toxins and the like, and secondly, water makes the stomach work, which improves metabolism and allows the body to absorb fat cells.

3. Sport. Without this item anywhere, as even if all sorts of diets will help at first to get rid of excess deposits, without regular pumping muscles all will go to dust. Start training should be with active cardio: running, jumping, dancing and the like. Then move on to complex loads, which would necessarily include training of the back, lateral muscles, muscles of the press, as the upper, so and lower. But for the first time, the main attention should be paid to cardio, as they have the greatest impact on fat burning in all parts of the body.

How to quickly burn fat layer

Doing moderately, gradually and systematically, to see results you will be somewhere towards the end or the middle of the first month of training. But if you remove the fat layer must be very fast and time is running out, it is necessary to stock up on willpower. However, there is a caveat: such loads can be very harmful to people that have serious health problems, are overweight, or have no experience in training at all. It is necessary to shake the body well, and for it is recommended to completely switch to a protein diet (but not to starve, in any case), as well as twice a day for an hour to devote time to cardio (morning and evening). The ideal combination of exercises includes: running (30 min), tilting in different directions (10 min), load on the upper press (10 min), on the lower press-lifting feet (10 min) and on the side press (5 min). After training, be sure to spend a little time stretching worked muscles (slopes, deflections.)

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