How to get rid of cellulite quickly

Today, a large number of different methods of cellulite treatment are used. The article presents popular answers to the women's question: how to get rid of cellulite quickly?


This surgical technique consists in the implementation of special incisions in the abdomen, from which excess fats and skin are extracted. It is necessary to take into account that lifting is a full-fledged surgical procedure, respectively, it provides a fairly long rehabilitation period. It should be noted that later there may be scars.


This technique consists in surgical removal of the fat layer by means of cannulas – special tubes that are inserted under the skin and regulated by a vacuum apparatus. Liposuction is carried out in the legs, buttocks, abdomen, hands and other problem areas of the body.

It is Necessary to take into account that such a procedure does not remove the folds of the skin and saggy fat tissue. Liposuction is intended only for those who have good skin elasticity. The main disadvantage of this method of getting rid of cellulite is its cost. Another disadvantage of liposuction is that during this operation may violate the integrity of the lymphatic and blood vessels.

Fat injections

This procedure for fast cellulite removal is the complete opposite of liposuction. Its task is to, that would be using an increase in the layer of fat, to eliminate all irregularities (all kinds of dimples and bumps). For this procedure, adipose tissue is used, which is taken from other parts of the body. Fat injections can also prevent wrinkles and other skin imperfections. The effect of the procedure lasts up to six months.

Cellulite Cream

Quite often you can find such anti-cellulite products on the shelves of pharmacies and cosmetic stores. At the heart cellulite cream both natural and synthetic ingredients are used to stimulate fat burning. A similar effect and have more convenient to use anti-cellulite patches.

Vacuum roller massage

This method of getting rid of cellulite is to massage using a vacuum apparatus having a roller nozzle that is able to adjust the grip. This device aligns the fat layers, eliminating all bumps and dents. The duration of the vacuum roller massage should not exceed 45 minutes. To get a visible result, you need to spend a few massages. It is worth noting that the effect of this procedure lasts relatively long and for to maintain the proper result, you need to repeat this procedure from time to time.


This method consists in the introduction of intradermal microinjections containing vitamins and minerals, using a special apparatus – injector. Mesotherapy involves the introduction of drugs that break down fat deposits. Also in the injection includes choleretic drugs, drugs that promote lymphatic drainage, substances that improve microcirculation, skin elasticity. The injection also contains substances that remove intercellular fluid. An additional benefit of mesotherapy is the impact on the receptor apparatus of the skin.

The Course of treatment usually consists of 10-16 procedures. In order to ensure that you get rid of cellulite, experts advise to start to conduct sessions of lymphatic drainage massage that would maximize the impact on the places where the lesions are located. Livegranny massage can be performed using a special device, and can be performed manually. After that, you can carry out the procedure of mesotherapy. To consolidate the effect is recommended in the future to use vacuum massage and wraps.

Benefits of mesotherapy:

  • has no age restrictions;
  • long lasting effect;
  • drugs that are administered are not toxic.

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