How to get prettier in 10 days and prepare for the summer: to-do list

Of Course, 10 days to lose a couple of sizes, to pump up the press and get rid of cellulite is unlikely.

However, this to-do list will help you become slimmer, make your skin smoother, improve the condition of your teeth and gain even posture!

To-do list

1️⃣ Abstain from alcohol. Ten days is enough to get rid of the consequences of a cocktail party, even if it be yesterday. Swelling and dark circles under the eyes will disappear.

2️ take a contrast shower In the morning to activate metabolism at the cellular level, tone the skin and reduce the appearance of cellulite.

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3️⃣ Every day during brushing your teeth add a little unrefined coconut oil to the paste. It effectively destroys bacteria and plaque.

4️ use Disposable paper face wipes instead of a towel, especially if you have a problem skin. After 10 days you will notice improvements.

5️ sleep at Least 7 hours a day. Still can't sleep? Dream, meditate, make plans, but do not look at the smartphone. The light from it interferes with the normal production of sleep hormone.

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6️⃣ walk briskly for at least 40 minutes Every day. The fact is that in the first half hour the body usually consumes glycogen and only then goes to burning excess fat.

7️ eat More fresh vegetables. They contain valuable fiber, which helps to remove the accumulated harmful substances from the body. As a result, it will be easier to get rid of extra pounds, and the skin condition will improve significantly.

8️ replace Refined sugar with honey. Of course, low calorie it is no different, but it contains substances that accelerate metabolism and contribute to the preservation of youth. Also as an alternative sugar can be used useful agave nectar or stevia.

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9️⃣ Keep calm and find reasons for joy, as stress has a negative impact not only on the state of mind, but also on the appearance.

? Pay attention to your posture. Get a special corset or gadget that helps to keep your back straight all day.

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All these 10 actions are quite simple, and the result is noticeable almost immediately!

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