How to gain weight for a woman: diet for weight gain and muscle mass

Diet for weight gainDiet for weight gain is required and when you need to "get" dry muscle mass, and when to restore the normal amount of fat. The paradox is that the "eat more calories and fat" approach doesn't work either way. Very many diets for weight gain "from the Internet" either do not solve the problem, or simply harm health. However, if the lack of weight is associated with the disease, the diet should not look online, and get a doctor. After all ill-considered strategy of weight gain can lead to that people will just cut the line and pick up the extra, or worse, will receive the violation in the organism.

Diet for weight gain: typical errors

First of all, to gain weight, it is not necessary in one fell swoop to switch to a diet with high caloric content. This is especially true for those who have long been forced to exclude certain products from their diet or sit on a low-calorie diet. Ultimately, weight gain does not depend on how quickly you start eating more, but on how much your body will absorb. So do not stick to amateurish "diets for weight loss on the contrary", which recommend you there is on night drink for every meal of sweet tea, hold tight late dinner.

Food is poorly absorbed if you overeat. Too full stomach – not the key to weight gain, and it is a real prerequisite for poor absorption of nutrients. So try not to eat until you feel heavy.

Sometimes those who gain weight are advised to eat more butter, margarine, fat. Do not forget that the huge the amount of animal fat is a direct path to elevated cholesterol and heart and blood vessel problems. So don't try to eat too much animal fat.

Increasing the amount of sweets in the diet is also not a healthy strategy. Yes, you can sometimes eat cookies, candy or a piece of cake, but to eat only sweets means to maintain an unhealthy level of insulin and provoke metabolic disorders. How to recover correctly, and not to lose under this health?

Diet for muscle gain

First of all, if you decide to gain muscle mass, it is useful to know that a significant proportion of success will depend not on your diet, but on your training and lifestyle. Very often girls neglect the first rule of a set of muscles, and it sounds approximately so: "Train hard, eat for 20-30% more, than you burn!". If you decide to gain muscle, it is useful to know that heavy training is work with the weight of the weights at which you can perform 8-12 repetitions of exercises, nothing more. Training with lighter weights does not lead to muscle growth. So the diet for weight gain should be combined exclusively with training in the gym or work on the Iron Cross program. All other strategies have proven to be ineffective.

Diet for gaining muscle mass should simultaneously give and building material for recovery muscle fibers, and carbohydrate fuel for this process so you have to combine proteins and carbohydrates with every meal.

    Calorie diet for muscle gain is calculated individually, to the figure daily energotrast (including the cost of training) should be added 20-30%, this is the caloric content of the diet. At the same time, 40% of calories should be provided with protein sources, 50% – sources of carbohydrates, and 10% sources of fat.

Naturally, under such a diet we are talking about some fat or oil is not.

An Approximate menu for a woman who wants to gain muscle mass can be as follows:

  • Breakfast: 200 g buckwheat, 100 g chicken breast
  • Second Breakfast (after training) weight gainer, banana, Apple.
  • Lunch: a portion of pasta with tomato sauce, a portion of fatty grilled fish, fruit
  • Second lunch: banana, Apple, yogurt or cottage cheese.
  • afternoon Snack: fruit and yogurt smoothie or protein shake
  • Dinner: steamed beef, stewed vegetables, potatoes.

Diet involves a complete rejection of alcohol and limiting processed foods.

How to get fat girl: increase fat

Losing weight systematically the ladies it may seem that the diet for a set of fat mass is a myth. How can you want to add fat? Let's just say the diet for a set of fat mass necessary for girls and women, seeking to restore the natural hormonal background in particular after strict diets. Sometimes the percentage of adipose tissue is a key indicator for reproductive health, and without increasing the layer, a woman simply can not conceive.

In domestic dietetics, this topic is quite poorly designed. Often, even gynecologists advise "eat more, move less."

What do you need to eat to get fat girl?

  • In fact, you will need to increase the number of "approaches" to food, and redistribute the diet by adding healthy fats.
  • it is Recommended to increase caloric content gradually, with each new week adding no more than 5% calories to your typical diet, even if you start with a low-calorie diet.

This approach provides the most complete absorption of nutrients. You should eat about 30% protein, 40 % carbohydrates and 30% fat. In this case, animal fats and oils should not take more than 10% of the diet.

    Mandatory products for fat weight gain – nuts, fatty fish, fatty cheese, honey, bread.

Approximate menu to gain weight woman, can be thus:

  • Breakfast: Cup of cocoa with milk, 4 oatmeal cookies
  • Second Breakfast: 30 g almonds with dessert spoon of honey, Apple, tea, can be with milk, if it is not normally tolerated.
  • Lunch: soup in meat broth, porridge, a side dish and a meat or fish dish. Produce.
  • Second lunch: oat flakes with dried fruit and whole milk.
  • Dinner: meat or fish, pasta or potatoes, salad.
  • Before bed: fruit, a glass of fat yogurt.

Also nice and milk diet for weight gain. After all, a lot of protein in milk, and this is what you need to build muscle. Drink fatty dairy products, eat good cheese and porridge with butter.

And here is physical activity limit not necessarily. Reasonable sport helps to deal with stress, and improve appetite, so, plays into the hands of those who decided to get well for health. Think more about how you feel, not about Libra and you will succeed!

How to gain weight for a woman – fitness trainer Elena Selivanova – especially for

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