How to gain weight for a man 20 kg: focus on proteins and carbohydrates

How to gain weight for a man 20 kgQuite a large number of men, especially at a young age, suffer not from excess weight, but from lack. And they try to eat a variety of products and in large quantities, but to gain weight they still can not. Some of them cause thinness may be health problems to be solved with the doctor. But most believe that the reason for this situation is the rapid exchange processes. Part of it is really Yes, but few people understand why this is happening.
The fact that some guys really eat a lot of food, but do not pay attention to its caloric content. To gain weight, you need to change your lifestyle and rebuild the usual diet.

How to gain 20 kg: expert advice for guys

Should Start with a reassessment of food consumed. To do this, you can either go to the reception to the nutritionist, or independently find information about the caloric content of the most common foods and dishes from them. Also, do not forget that information about the caloric content and composition of products is always on the label.
How to gain weight for a man 20 kg
Calculate the number of calories to be consumed per day, you can use the formula: available weight x 45. But if a guy leads an active lifestyle or physically works hard, you may need to increase the energy value of the daily diet.
Optimal weight can also be calculated using a simple formula: take away from growth 110 cm. The result will be the ideal weight to strive for.
How to gain weight for a man 20 kg

How to gain weight a man 20 kg: advice specialists on nutrition

It is necessary to eat every 3 hours For fast weight gain. Food should be rich in proteins and carbohydrates. Approximate menu for the day:

  • Morning. Breakfast should be served within one hour after waking up. The ideal option would be cottage cheese with dried fruits and honey, omelet with cheese and herbs or porridge, seasoned with vegetable oil. Breakfast can be completed with a sweet dessert and coffee with cream.
  • Lunch. The first dish can be soup or a thick cream soup. The second is perfect pasta or mashed potatoes with chops. Complement guests can enjoy a salad with fresh vegetables.
  • Evening. For dinner, you can eat porridge with cutlet, omelet with ham or baked fish with potatoes.
  • Snacks. In between meals, you can eat cheese sandwiches, bananas, apples, dried fruits, nuts, fruit and vegetable salads.

It is Also important to consume enough liquid during the day: water, juices, herbal teas. The ideal option is to use freshly prepared food, but if you cook several times a day there is no possibility, you can think about the evening menu and prepare all meals in advance.
How to gain weight for a man 20 kg

How to gain 20 kg of weight: the reception of brewer's yeast

Brewer's yeast has a beneficial effect on the body in General and on metabolic processes in particular. They are part of amino acids, which will help you to quickly gain muscle mass. In total, brewer's yeast contains 27 amino acids, and 8 of them the body itself does not produce, you can replenish their stock only with the help of food. A help amino acids assimilate b vitamins, which are also present in large quantities in the product.

How to gain weight a man 15-20 kg: focus on training

For those men who want to gain 15-20 kg, but not look thick, can not do without training. And the priority should be given to power loads. The ideal option is to enroll in the gym, where a qualified coach will select the necessary set of exercises for all muscles of the body.

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