How to find out your ideal weight taking into account individual characteristics

When it comes to the figure, women tend to meet generally accepted standards. And this is not true, because everyone has their own type of physique, a set of genes, the ratio of muscle and fat tissue, and therefore their ideal weight, which is not always equal to 50 kg.

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So, how to determine your optimal weight based on individual features?

Brock's Technique

One of the most popular ways to calculate optimal weight is Brock's formula. It takes into account not only the growth and age, but also the features of the body.

At the same time, people who have hypersthenic body type need to add 10% to the result. And asthenics, on the contrary, need to take 10%.

To know your own body type, you need to measure the circumference of your wrist. If the result is 15-17 cm, then you normostenichesky body type (internal structure corresponds to the average value). If less than 15 cm, you astenik. This type is different long neck, thin legs and arms, narrow shoulders. Wrist more than 17 cm? So you have hypersthenic body type (also called big-boned).

Muscle vs fat

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Many experts believe that the formula for calculating the optimal weight has long been outdated, as they do not take into account the ratio of fat and muscle tissue in the body. For example, a woman who weighs 50 kg may have a 32% fat layer. This level of fat corresponds to the group of "obese", despite the fact that the formula for its weight may be acceptable. At the same time, the figure looks unsightly and dough-like.

Weight Loss is not useful if it is relieved by muscle loss. Accordingly, weight gain is not equivalent to increasing fat mass. Remember that muscle tissue weighs more than fat, and focus on their perfect balance. The acceptable percentage of fat for women is about 16-20%. If you want to look like a fitness contest winner, you need to lower this value even more.

Pay attention! Learn the composition of your body can be using hydrostatic weighing (underwater), special thickness gauges, infrared method, etc.

For each woman, the ideal weight is an individual parameter, so on coveted 50 kg is not necessary to navigate!

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