How to effectively and quickly pump up the press on the bar. Video exercises for the press

Exercises for the press on the barMany believe that the bar is only for pull-UPS, and at the same time deeply mistaken. This device is considered to be the most versatile and suitable for many muscles. Rocking the press on the bar is more effective than using other shells. Among the girls the bar is not particularly popular, and in vain, because precisely this round will help quickly and qualitatively achieve ideal bodies.

Where to start rocking the press on the bar

The Only thing you will need for training is a horizontal bar. It is in almost every yard, in extreme cases, you can install such a shell at home or find a nearby gym. Note the following points:

  • decide on the type of the desired shape;
  • revise your diet by reducing the amount of carbohydrates consumed;
  • training should be systematic, preferably several times a day, but at least 5 per week;
  • you can take a warm bath in the sea to relieve muscle pain Sol.

Exercises for the press on the bar

How to swing a press on the horizontal bar

  1. Perform reliable adhesion with the rail, positioning the bottom of the thumb to prevent the likelihood of injuries.
  2. Watch your breath. Be sure to do the rise on the exhalation, and lowering on the inhale.
  3. avoid jerks, performing smooth bench press.
  4. To avoid the buildup of strain should be the abdomen, buttocks and thighs, and not hands.
  5. Listen to your body, independently control the intensity of the load. Swing should be done to failure with small breaks before each approach.
  6. do Not drink or eat during training. Food is only allowed 3 hours after exercise.

Given that the vis on the bar the weight is mainly in the hands, it is desirable first to pump up the forearms and shoulders. After about a month of training, you can add weights to your feet and weight on your back.
Exercises for the press on the bar

Press Exercises on the bar

Before you begin to perform the exercises, you need to do a warm-up, basic the emphasis of which should fall on the heating of the lumbar. To do this, it is best to fit the torso slopes, then you can move on to the exercises themselves.

  1. Start exercising on the horizontal bar, it is first necessary with the development of the visa, without which it would be difficult to execute other exercises. Vis trains the muscles of the chest.
  2. vis Mastered, you can move on to turns. In the position of the classic vis turn the torso alternately in each side. This exercise is ideal for the sides, because it perfectly trains the oblique muscles.
  3. Further it is already possible to pass to training of the lower press by means of rocking. Try to swing as much as possible, but even a small amplitude will allow you to feel the result. You can perform five swings in three approaches, gradually increasing the load.
  4. the Most effective is the press corner. Start with the fact that in the position classic vis pull your knees bent to the level of the chest. In this case, it is necessary to control breathing, producing breath in the lowest position and exhale – in the highest.
  5. the classical area is necessary to raise the position of the hanging straight leg.
  6. Shear and the bike classic visa help to work out the internal ligaments of the hips, as well as oblique and rectus muscles stomach's.
  7. Exercise "Tick-tock!". Hanging on a bar, lift your legs at an angle of 45 degrees from the ground and in this position, then take them to one or the other side, while watching the breath.

Exercises for the press on the bar

Video will help you to perform press exercises Correctly on the bar.

Press press on the bar is suitable not only for those who have sports training, to master such exercises can and newcomers, however, should increase the load gradually.

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