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Choosing the proper diet for diabetes easy (and often at moderate) form of diabetes type 2 you can minimize the medication, and even at all without it. So question how to eat in diabetes care the majority of patients.


Recommended diet for diabetes type 2

In diabetes, the diet aims to exclude many foods from the diet products'.

Products containing simple carbohydrates, diabetics are not recommended to use, but this restriction is not due to the high sugar content in the product, but to the fact that it contains "instant" sugar, which very quickly increases the level of glucose in the blood.

This sugar, honey, jams and jams, sweets, muffins and other sweets, sweet fruits and berries: grapes, bananas, raisins, dates.

Diet for diabetes type 2Power with type 2 diabetes to keep up sugar, table 9

Often there are even recommendations to completely exclude these foods from the diet, but it is really necessary only in severe diabetes. When the light and a secondary form of type 2 diabetes, with regular monitoring of blood sugar levels, eat small amounts of sugar and sweets is quite acceptable.

A number of studies have found that the progression of diabetes a great contribution is made by the increased content of fats in the blood. Therefore, limiting the use of fatty foods in a diet for diabetes is no less important than limiting sweets.

The Total amount of fat consumed in free form and for cooking (butter and vegetable oil, lard, cooking fats) should not exceed 40 grams per day, it is also necessary to limit as much as possible in their diet other products containing a large amount of fat (fatty meat, sausages, sausages, sausages, cheeses, sour cream, mayonnaise).

Diabetes diet number 2 restricts to a minimum or completely exclude fried, spicy, salty, spicy and smoked foods, canned foods, pepper, mustard, alcoholic beverages. There is also a diet for type 1 diabetes, but we will talk about it a little later.

And it is really bad for diabetes foods that contain simultaneously a lot of fat and carbohydrates: chocolate, ice cream, cream cakes... That's them out the diet is better to exclude completely.

Recommended diet for diabetes type 2

Foods, resolved of diabetes type 2:

  • Bread – until 200 grams in day, predominantly rye or a special diabetic.

Why is rye bread recommended? If we eat black bread, the sugar begins to rise after 20-30 minutes, and this increase is smooth, as black bread longer processed in the stomach and intestines – about two to three hours. Thus, rye bread is a typical product with "slow" sugar.
If we used a piece of bread, absorption will begin in 10-15 minutes, will go faster, and blood sugar will rise sharply.

  • Soups, predominantly vegetable. Soups cooked in weak meat or fish broth can be consumed no more than twice a week.
  • Lean meat, poultry (up to 100 grams per day) or fish (up to 150 grams per day) boiled or jellied.
  • Dishes and side dishes of cereals, beans, pasta can be afforded occasionally, in small quantities, reducing these days the consumption of bread. From cereals is better to use oatmeal and buckwheat, or millet, pearl barley, rice. And here is semolina better to exclude.

Buckwheat, millet and oatmeal Porridge are comparable in absorption rate to black bread, i.e. contain "slow" sugar. Semolina porridge almost does not contain fiber, the suction is too fast.

  • Vegetables and greens. Potatoes, beets, carrots are recommended to use no more than 200 grams per day. And here are the other vegetables (cabbage, salad, radish, cucumbers, zucchini, tomatoes) and herbs (except spicy) can be used with virtually no restrictions in raw and boiled or sometimes baked.
  • Eggs – no more than 2 pieces per day: soft-boiled, in the form of an omelet or using in the preparation of other dishes.
  • Fruits and berries of sour and sweet-sour varieties (apples Antonovka, oranges, lemons, cranberries, red currants...) – up to 200-300 grams per day.
  • Milk is included in diet in diabetes with a doctor's permission. Dairy products (kefir, curd, unsweetened yogurt) – 1-2 glasses a day. Cheese, sour cream, cream – occasionally and a little bit.
  • Cheese with diabetes is recommended to be consumed daily to 100-200 grams per day in its natural form or in the form of curd, cheese, puddings, casseroles.

Cottage Cheese, and oatmeal and buckwheat porridge, bran, rose hip improve fat metabolism and normalize liver function, prevent fatty liver changes. These products are recommended to be included in the diet of diabetes.

Diet for diabetes type 2type 2 diabetes Diet: recommended menu
  • Drinks. Allowed green or black tea, can be with milk, weak coffee, tomato juice, juices from berries and fruits sour varieties (juices are recommended to be diluted with water half).

When drawing up a menu for people who have type 2 diabetes, the diet involves counting the amount of carbohydrates in the food. For this there is system of bread units (HE). For 1 XE taken the amount of food containing 10-12 g of carbohydrates.
It is not recommended to eat more than 7 bread units at one meal.

Approximate amount of product on 1ХЕ:

Bread – 1 slice
Flour – 1 tablespoon
Macaroni – 1.5 tbsp. spoons
Boiled barley – 2 tbsp. spoons with slide
Dried beans – 1 tablespoon
Boiled beans – 3 tablespoons

Milk – 1 Cup
Sugar – 1 tbsp
Refined sugar – 2,5 pieces

Potato – 1 piece the size of a large egg
Carrots – 3 pieces.
Beetroot – 1 piece.

Grapes – 3 berries
Grapefruit – 0.5 PCs
Banana – 0.5 PCs.
Corn – 0, 5 PCs
Pear – 1 piece.
Peach – 1 PC.
Orange – 1piece.
Persimmon – 1piece.
Watermelon – 1 piece.
Melon – 1 piece.
Tangerines – 3 PCs.
Apricots – 3 PCs.
Plums – 3 PCs.
Cherries – a handful of
Cherry – a handful of
Strawberries – a handful of
Raspberries – a handful of
Currants – a handful of

Grape juice – 1/3 tbsp.
Apple juice – 1/3 tbsp.
Kvass – 1st.
Beer – 1 V.

If you have diabetes it is recommended to follow fractional power principles. Eat at least 4 times a day, preferably 5-6 times at the same time.

Diet for type 2 diabetic should be rich in vitamins, micro-and macronutrients, choose natural food. Try to diversify your diet as much as possible, because the list of products allowed in diabetes is not small.


    Menu diet for a of diabetes should recommend doctor. Only your doctor, knowing the history of the disease, seeing the results of tests and your current condition, can correctly assess the situation and give recommendations on nutrition, the most suitable for you and right now.
    The above recommendations are for reference.

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