How to do a head peeling at home. Effective head peeling with salt

Every woman tries to take care of her hair carefully, because beautiful and healthy hair has always been a sign of femininity and beauty. Periodically, it is required to conduct a deep cleansing of the scalp from dead particles, excess fat and residues of cosmetics. Because it is so useful to have a peeling head at home. This procedure is performed to treat and prevent a variety of problems associated with the scalp. It is very helpful for people suffering from dandruff.

How to do salt peeling heads?

Lovers of natural care products will appreciate the salt peeling for the scalp. Make such a tool is not difficult. Take salt of fine grinding, better sea. On average, You will need 2-5 tablespoons of salt (depending on the length of the hair). Place the salt in a small container and pour the same amount of warm water. Apply the resulting salt slurry to the head and gently RUB into the skin with massage movements. Peeling the head with salt should be carried out for about ten minutes. After massaging, wait another ten minutes, then rinse off the salt and wash your head shampoo.

Peeling head with salt

Perform a similar procedure once a week. Experts recommend doing salt peeling courses – 1-2 months, then a break of several months, so as not to dry the scalp.

Sea salt for the scalp has a beneficial effect on the hair – they become silky, shiny and smooth. Also the appearance of a feeling of lightness and freshness.

Remember that any peeling, including, salt, can not be carried out if the skin has wounds, microcracks or it is very sensitive and dry.

Head peeling for healthy hair growth

the Principle of peeling for the scalp:

  • the roots of the hair get enough nutrients and oxygen;
  • Improves blood circulation and nutrition of hair follicles;
  • The process of healing the upper layer of the skin;
  • Increases the tone of the scalp;
  • cell metabolism is Accelerated;
  • Exfoliate dead skin cells;
  • cell regeneration process is Accelerated.

Make a salt scrub head with clay

Take 2 tablespoons of sea salt, can be iodized. Add 2 tablespoons of clay – choose any, depending on the type of hair. In particular, blue clay has a powerful anti-inflammatory effect, stimulates hair growth and actively cleanses the scalp.

Add salt and clay water to the mixture, bringing the mass to the consistency of sour cream. Optionally, instead of water you can add green tea, herb tea, mineral water, oily and combination. Stir the mixture. Add 8 drops favorite essential oil. If possible, add rosemary oil, as it prevents hair loss, strengthens the roots and stimulates active hair growth. Mix again. Peeling is ready! Apply the mass to wet scalp and hair in the parting with gentle massaging movements.

Massage for about 10 minutes, then leave for another 15 minutes. Rinse your hair thoroughly and wash with the usual shampoo. At the end, apply a suitable hair mask – the effect of its the effects will increase many times after peeling. Wash away. Your hair will look strong, voluminous, healthy and shiny.

The Advantages of this peeling is that each time you can change the clay and essential oil, depending on the desired effect and hair type.

Head peeling for healthy hair growth

Mask from salt for the skin

A salt mask can be used To effectively clean the face. Mandatory rule – not choose a large salt, and do not leave the mask on the face for more than 10 minutes. Salt is very useful for the skin – it perfectly cleanses and renews the cells.

  • anti-Inflammatory mask: Heat the honey in a water bath and mix it in equal amounts with salt, beat in foam. Apply to face.
  • Moisturizing mask: Mix olive oil and salt in equal proportions, gently massage into 10 minutes on skin.
  • anti-Aging mask: Heat the honey, add the same amount of salt and 1 tsp of quality cognac. Apply to face.
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